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50th Annual Convention; Philadelphia, PA; 2024

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Paper Session #509
CE Offered: BACB
Complex Behavior and Behavioral Artistry
Monday, May 27, 2024
4:00 PM–4:50 PM
Convention Center, 100 Level, 113 A
Area: AUT
Instruction Level: Intermediate
Chair: Amy Rachel Bukszpan (Bukszpan Behavior Consultants, Endicott College)
CE Instructor: Richard E LAITINEN, Ph.D.

Complexity Theory, Paths of Treatment, Functional Curriculum Design and the Remediation of Learning Deficits Presented by Children Labelled as "Having" Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Domain: Service Delivery
RICHARD E LAITINEN (Educational and Developmental Therapies, Inc)

When combined, contemporary complexity theory, component-composite analysis, non-linear contingency analysis and generative instructional technologies, such as those demonstrated within the Hyper-dimensional, Multi-level (HDML) model of Relational Frame Theory (RFT), provide a useful approach for the development and validation -- when paired with the functional monitoring of the implementation of a multi-layered, multi-component intervention (e.g., a scope-and-sequence curriculum) -- of an empirical “path of treatment” applied to the remediation of idiographic presenting learning challenges and deficits. This paper will discuss (1) the nature of the learning challenges and deficits typically presented by children labelled as “having” autism, (2) the current status and possible future development of a formal path-of-treatment technology for the remediation of these individual learning challenges and competencies, and detail (3) the role of functional curriculum design (FCD) in the empirical validation of reified paths-of-treatment, and (4) how individual differences are accommodated within the breadth and depth of such large-scale treatment models.


CANCELLED: Behavioral Artistry and the Marvel Universe: An Exploration of Behavioral Artistry, Superheroes, and How You Too Can Obtain the Skills to Save the World

Domain: Applied Research
AMY RACHEL BUKSZPAN (Bukszpan Behavior Consultants, Endicott College), Justin B. Leaf (Autism Partnership Foundation)

Being a superhero takes more than strength. It takes compassion, persistence, optimism, and humor. It takes celebrating victories despite hardships and knowing that when others say quit, you'll keep going. Captain America, Thor, and Aunt Man, they're are all superheroes, but even more, they're behavioral artists. This presentation will explore how Marvel's superheroes are prime exemplars of Foxx's theory of behavioral artistry (1985) by diving into the research, definitions, and history of the term. It will then follow with a practical dive into how practitioners can obtain and train skills of behavioral artistry through the summary of three contemporary studies on training behavioral artistry in behavior technicians, special education teachers, and master's students in ABA. Public Service Announcement: This presentation will not teach you how to fly, throw a hammer, or take you to the Quantum Realm. It will teach you an evidence-based strategy to train and obtain soft skills critical to maintaining a pro-social and therapeutic environment leading to being a more successful and compassionate employee and practitioner.




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