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The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.


50th Annual Convention; Philadelphia, PA; 2024

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Expo Poster Session #179D
Affiliate Chapters
Saturday, May 25, 2024
8:00 PM–10:00 PM
Convention Center, 200 Level, Exhibit Hall A
66. Southeastern Association for Behavior Analysis
Raymond C. Pitts (University of North Carolina Wilmington), Tom Cariveau (University of North Carolina Wilmington), Kent Bodily (Georgia Southern University), Kathryn M. Kestner (West Virginia University), KAREN G. ANDERSON (West Virginia University)
Abstract: The Southeastern Association for Behavior Analysis (SEABA) is a regional affiliate of the Association for Behavior Analysis (ABAI). Like its parent organization, SEABA seeks to promote scholarly discourse within and about Behavior Analysis. SEABA membership and convention registration are open to anyone with a scholarly interest in Behavior Analysis. Current members include both academic and professional people; psychologists and persons in related disciplines such as education, psychopharmacology, and social work.
67. KansABA: Kansas Association for Behavior Analysis
KELLEY L. HARRISON (Kansas Behavior Supports), Allyson Rene Bell (New Hope Therapy Services), Marren Leon-Barajas (NeuroRestorative), Lisa Marie Ambrosek (The University of Kansas), Lauratu Bah (University of Kansas)
Abstract: KansABA’s mission is to (a) advance the science and practice of behavior analysis, as well as its education and training; (b) address issues relevant to the science, practice, education, and training in behavior analysis; (c) maintain disciplinary, professional, and ethical standards in the science, practice, education, and training in behavior analysis; and (d) recruit and enhance interest in behavior analysis throughout the State of Kansas and the Kansas City metropolitan area – including Clay, Jackson, and Platte counties.
68. The Florida Association for Behavior Analysis
MELISSA L. OLIVE (Florida Association of Behavior Analysis), Kim D. Lucker-Greene Greene (Behavioral Solutions Consulting, Inc.)
Abstract: The Florida Association for Behavior Analysis was founded in 1980 to promote the ethical, humane, and effective application of behavior principles in all segments of society, including education, business, rehabilitation facilities and government.
69. Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia
ALEXANDRA BROWN (Bright Eyes Early Intervention)
Abstract: The Association for Behaviour Analyis is over 9 years old and rapidly growing. We are a nationwide association, proud to be an affiliated chapter of ABAI. Each year our association has grown both in membership and community involvement. Our organisation continually develops new methods to disseminate behaviour analysis and lay the groundwork to make more systemic changes within funding agencies. As our community of behaviour analysts increases, we are seeing the demand for high quality behaviour analytic services continue to grow. However, meeting this demand is a challenge so we must continue to increase the number of behaviour analysts and quality training institutions. We are pleased to report that we now have two course sequences within Australian tertiary institutions. We are now up and running with our own self-regulatory body and are proud to report that we have a growing number of certified behaviour analysts in Australia. We are looking forward to the next conference, and hope that this one will be in-person.
70. Philadelphia Metropolitan Association for Behavior Analysis
ART DOWDY (Temple University), Amanda Guld Fisher (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine), Beth J. Rosenwasser (Fairmount Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine Affiliate), Jessica Kendorski (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine), Tess Fruchtman (Temple University)
Abstract: The Philadelphia Metropolitan Association for Behavior Analysis (PMABA) is the regional chapter of the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. The objective of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Association for Behavior Analysis (PMABA) is to provide continuing education and networking for behavior scientists in an informal setting that has the atmosphere of a social gathering. Another primary goal of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Association for Behavior Analysis is to increase cohesiveness among local behavior analysts who might otherwise be isolated as a result of working in diverse settings with service providers and researchers who are not behavior analytic, as a number of our members are the only behavior analysts at their places of employment. Our email list serve provides announcements on local PMABA events including workshops, conferences, expert speaker events as well as employment opportunities and recent legislative or advocacy issues relevant to local behavior analysts. Email to join our listserv and visit our Facebook Page: Philadelphia Metropolitan Association for Behavior Analysis to keep up to date.
71. Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis
CHRISTINE EVANKO (Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis)
Abstract: The mission of the Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis is to promote and support the practice, research and dissemination of behavior analysis throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. In order to meet our mission we have set forth the following goals: Goal 1: Improve Viability and Sustainability of the Organization; Goal 2: Provide Quality Service to Our Members; Goal 3: Strengthen the diversity and cultural competence within VABA and the behavior analysis profession across the Commonwealth; Goal 4: Advocate for the Science of Behavior Analysis in the Commonwealth.
72. Texas Association for Behavior Analysis (TxABA)
RACHEL LEE KRAMER (NEE KOELKER) (TxABA Executive Director), Summer Gainey (TxABA President)
Abstract: The Texas Association for Behavior Analysis (TxABA) is an affiliate chapter of ABAI. Founded in 1986 by a small group of behavior analysts, the organization has grown to include over 1,000 members and over 1,400 attendees at our annual conference. Membership categories include voting, affiliate, student, and RBT. TxABA is primarily a volunteer organization with 4 part-time staff. The Executive Council is elected by voting members and serves to guide the organization as the Board of Directors. TxABA currently has 9 standing committees and 4 active Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The TxABA Public Policy Group (PPG) is a sister organization that focuses on legislative issues and lobbying. Officers of the TxABA PPG are appointed by TxABA Executive Council. TxABA held its 39th Annual Conference on April 11-14, 2024 in Houston, TX. All presentations at our annual conference are invited by TxABA Track Coordinators. Pre-Conference Workshops are submitted and selected by the TxABA Program Committee. In 2024, we partnered with the OBM Network to offer their conference as an add-on to the TxABA Annual Conference the Thursday before our conference. TxABA currently offers members a free webinar series with a minimal fee for non-members. Student members are eligible for scholarships, to compete in our annual student poster competition, and serve on council or committees.
73. Prospective for the Mexican Society for Behavior Analysis
ROSALINDA ARROYO (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
Abstract: The Mexican Society for Behavior Analysis (MSBA) is a non-profit organization established in 1975 whose purposes were a) disseminating behavior analysis among psychologist and other disciplines; b) establishing links with similar associations in Mexico and foreign countries; c) advising institutions and associations regarding behavior analysis issues; d) publishing the Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis; and e) organizing seminars, scientific events, and annual meetings, promoting communication among behavior analysts in Mexico. This poster will summarize some new initiatives in our Society such as the establishment of regionals networks and the creation of its first ever Women’s Special Group in Behavior Analysis (WSGBA), which will work towards the promotion, development and dissemination of the research carried out by Mexican women in behavior analysis as well as to make visible the role and leadership of these women.
74. Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan (BAAM)
JAMES T. TODD (Eastern Michigan University)
Abstract: The Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan (BAAM) has been organized to support and promote scientific research on the basic principles of behavior and the extension of those principles to create demonstrably effective and humane outcome-based therapies with the primary goal of establishing and enhancing functional independent living skills. The Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan conducts an annual convention supporting all aspects of behavior analysis in Michigan and the surrounding region. BAAM's growing website offers a variety of resources for behavior analysts and all those interested in behavior analysis.
75. Verbal Behavior Special Interest Group
DANIELLE LAFRANCE (Verbale), Andresa De Souza (University of Missouri-St. Louis), ROBBIE HANSON (Lindenwood University), Samantha Bergmann (University of North Texas )
Abstract: The mission of the VB SIG is to disseminate theory, research, and practice to people around the world who are interested in Skinner’s (1957) analysis of verbal behavior and a behavioral approach to language. The VB SIG has a dedicated group of elected board members who carry out the many functions of the VB SIG. VB News is the newsletter published thrice annually with featured labs, interviews, and articles by both students and influential researchers. The VB SIG Student Group is a forum for students to discuss verbal behavior and write article summaries for our website and newsletter. Students can apply to two annual research awards: one for a completed research project in verbal behavior, and one for a grant proposal for a study in verbal behavior. These awards are presented at the annual business meeting at ABAI, as are other professional awards. There are many ways to interact with others interested in verbal behavior, such as through our website, our listserv, Facebook, emails, and other outlets. The VB SIG Expo poster is a wonderful way for people to learn about the VB SIG and to get involved.
76. Four Corners Association for Behavior Analysis
TRAVIS BLEVINS (Behavior Services of the Rockies), Patrick Romani (University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus), Milad Najafichaghabouri (Utah State University ), Janet S. Twyman (Independent Contract for the BACB (mobile app development)), Brent Seymour (Department of Economic Security), Christopher Margaritis (Ascendigo Autism Services), Zach Maple (Colorado Department of Human Services), Beatriz Orr (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center)
Abstract: At Four Corners ABA (4CABA), our mission is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between basic, theoretical, and applied behavior scientists, students, and practitioners of diverse backgrounds and varied experiences via an intimate and supportive annual conference in the Four Corners region of the United States (Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico).
77. Association of Behavior Analysis India: A Work In Progress
Smita Awasthi (Behavior Momentum India), TEJASHREE GAMBHIR (Behavior Momentum India), Arthi B (ABA India), Sonam Rameshchadra Kothari (Co founder butterfly learnings), Husna Syed (ABA India), Aravind Kannan (ABA India)
Abstract: Association of Behavior Analysis India is the affiliated chapter of ABA International since 2007. In these 16 years ABA-India has played a pivotal role in its mission towards advocacy, education and awareness of behavior analysis. Workshops, conferences, invited international behavior analysts contributed towards high quality presentations in the scientific practice of behavior analysis. In 2016 the ABAI delegation visit and its presentation to various Govt agencies helped in the recognition of Behavior science as an allied field. India has seen an explosion of certified behavior analysts in the last decade from two to 80 however in a country with a population of 1.4 billion the demand supply ratio is left wanting. With young certified people ABA India volunteers are working with renewed vigor to meet the current needs of the society. The task ahead is not just to carry the torch forward but to build policy for regulating the profession by behavior analysts themselves.
78. Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis (Japanese ABA)
MICHIKO SORAMA (Kyoto Notre Dame University), Kenji Okuda (Educational Foundation of Nishi Karuizawa Gakuen)
Abstract: This poster describes the history and current status of the Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis. The Japanese ABA was established in 1983 as the primary membership organization to promote the science of behavior and its application. The membership reached 1085 as of October 2023. The Japanese ABA holds annual convention, publishes the Japanese Journal of Behavior Analysis twice a year and J-ABA Newsletters four times a year, provides a grant for students who attend ABAI/SQAB conventions, supports seminars and workshops on behavior analysis, and more.
79. PennABA - Better Together
KEITH E. WILLIAMS (Penn State Hershey Medical Center)
Abstract: PennABA is the Pennsylvania Association for Behavior Analysis. We invite practitioners and students from across the commonwealth to join our organization and work with us to enhance the availability and provision of ABA throughout the state. We aim to support the professionals throughout the state and foster a collaborative workforce.
80. Nebraska Association for Applied Behavior Analysis (NEABA)
ANDREA CLEMENTS (Munroe-Meyer Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center)
Abstract: The Nebraska Association for Applied Behavior Analysis is an Association for Behavior Analysis International Affiliate Chapter who serves ABA providers and recipients in the state of Nebraska. Our goals are to advise relevant political, legislative, and policy-making bodies with respect to all matters pertaining to the effective and ethical application of the principles of ABA. Inform stakeholders about the fundamental principles of ABA and its application in areas such as intellectual disabilities, education, rehabilitation, business, and government. Promote the Behavior Analysis Certification Board® as the appropriate body for credentialing practitioners of ABA in Nebraska. Involve parents, service providers, and professionals interested in expanding the application of ABA technology in Nebraska by identifying goals and promoting effective treatment. Provide educational resources as identified by the membership.
81. Arkansas Association for Behavior Analysis
Nicolette Caldwell (The University of Arkansas), MADISON MADDOX (University of Arkansas), Elizabeth R. Lorah (University of Arkansas)
Abstract: The Arkansas Association for Behavior Analysis is dedicated to the advancement of the science and application of behavior analysis. We are committed to promoting research, education, and practice based on the principles of behavior analysis. ArkABA strives to disseminate knowledge from the science of behavior analysis to the public and to professional behavior analysts.
82. Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis
DAG STRÖMBERG (Stockholm University; Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis), Magnus Starbrink (SWABA)
Abstract: Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis (SWABA) was founded in 1996, and currently has about 240 members in Sweden and approximately 100 virtual members (members who support the association, and do not live or work in Sweden). SWABA is an affliate chapter within the Association for Behavior Analysis International since 2001. Please visit our poster and become a virtual member, for free, or renew your membership from last year. As usual, bids are accepted on a unique SWABA T-shirt, the proceeds of which are donated to the SABA unrestricted fund.
108. Hawai'i Association for Behavior Analysis (HABA)
KAITLIN M. PRECIADO (Emergent Learning)
Abstract: The Hawai'i Association for Behavior Analysis (HABA) was established in 2011 to empower and elevate providers and consumers of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our organization is committed to fostering a thriving community through comprehensive education, robust advocacy, and unwavering support. We strive to promote excellence in ABA practices, ensuring that both professionals and the individuals they serve receive the highest quality of care and resources. HABA’s mission is grounded in the belief that we can create significant positive changes in the lives of individuals and families across Hawai'i through knowledge and community. We are dedicated to equipping professionals with the tools and insights to deliver impactful ABA services. Our advocacy efforts focus on influencing policies that enhance the accessibility and inclusivity of ABA services, meeting the needs of both providers and consumers. Our annual conventions are a vital part of our efforts to build a robust and connected community. These events offer opportunities for networking, professional development, and the dissemination of innovative research and practices in behavior analysis. Attendees engage with prominent researchers, practitioners, and community providers from Hawai'i and beyond, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas.



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