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46th Annual Convention; Washington DC; 2020

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Workshop #W26
CE Offered: BACB
Getting Fluent With the Standard Celeration Chart: An Introduction to Precision Teaching
Thursday, May 21, 2020
4:00 PM–7:00 PM
To Be Determined
Area: EDC/AUT; Domain: Service Delivery
CE Instructor: Amy Lynn Evans, M.Ed.
AMY LYNN EVANS (CentralReach), SHELBY GUNDLING (CentralReach)
Description: As precision teaching (PT) gains momentum in ABA, many questions arise about what it is, how to implement it, and whether conquering the funky blue chart is worth the effort. Participants in this workshop will tackle these questions and related topics through explicit instruction, guided practice, discussion, and a bit of frequency building. Participants will learn the basics of the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) and the visual and quantitative analyses it provides. This opens up a world of understanding of the value of PT -- decision making efficiency. Once the core of the system is established, a deeper dive into the essential elements of PT (e.g., pinpointing and dimensional measurement) will reveal the role each plays in strengthening the system. Finally, an overview of fluency, frequency building, and component-composite analyses will help participants better execute PT-adjacent practices. The presenters of this workshop have spent a majority of their time in recent years training autism service providers to implement PT, and synthesizing literature and other resources to better support practitioners. Through this process, the content of this workshop has been refined to efficiently build skills and concept knowledge that serve as prerequisites to successful implementation of PT in behavior analytic services.
Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to: (1) describe the process of Precision Teaching, (2) orient to an SCC, labeling features and describing charted frequency data, (3) describe frequency building, (4) describe fluency and its related outcome measures, and (5) make decisions using the metrics of the SCC.
Activities: The workshop format combines explicit instruction, video examples, group discussion, guided practice, and frequency building exercises.
Audience: This workshop is designed for professionals looking to gain or review the basics of precision teaching. Anyone interested in foundational skills and concepts related to precision teaching, for the purpose of effective dissemination, engagement with the literature, or implementation of precision teaching into behavior analytic practice are welcome.
Content Area: Practice
Instruction Level: Intermediate
Keyword(s): Celeration, Data Analysis, Decision Making, Precision Teaching



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