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50th Annual Convention; Philadelphia, PA; 2024

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Paper Session #77
CE Offered: BACB
Behavior Analysis in Healthcare
Saturday, May 25, 2024
12:00 PM–12:50 PM
Convention Center, 100 Level, 112 AB
Area: CBM
Instruction Level: Basic
Chair: J. Chris McGinnis (Institute for Behavioral Pediatrics)
CE Instructor: J. Chris McGinnis, Ph.D.

Behavior Analysis as a Healthcare Discipline: Evolving Our Profession Innovatively to Engage a Broader Audience

Domain: Theory

Considering behavior analysis as a healthcare discipline will be a critical factor for the success of our profession. Although our science has contributed tremendously to the treatment of individuals with developmental disabilities, it is imperative to embrace the role of behavior analysis in the healthcare ecosystem in order to achieve genuine behavioral health integration and to establish models of care that lead to positive patient outcomes. Categorizing behavior analysis as a healthcare discipline will innovate our practices and evolve our profession into one that is more widely known and respected by the public. Public health authorities attribute almost half of an individual’s quality of health to behavioral determinants. However, mainstream medicine does not have a true basic science foundation upon which to rest an integrated approach to understanding and treating behavioral conditions. As professionals who work within the profession of behavior analysis, it is our obligation to partner with our healthcare colleagues in a collaborative way and to productively engage with one another with the interest in those we serve at the forefront.


Overview of Primary Care Behavioral Pediatrics: A Nontraditional Career Path for Behavior Analysts

Domain: Service Delivery
J. CHRIS MCGINNIS (Institute for Behavioral Pediatrics)

The applied behavior analysis subspecialty of primary care behavioral pediatrics, despite being well-established scientifically, currently represents but a nascent career path for behavior analysts. This presentation offers an introduction and overview of this exciting area of practice serving predominantly neurotypical children and their families, covering its early development, its current niche within the helping professions, the clinical problems typically addressed, and pathways to training and practice. Dr. Chris McGinnis will also describe his treatment model outlined in his new book, Introduction to Primary Care Behavioral Pediatrics: A Guide for Behavior Analysts, geared to making outpatient behavioral treatment of common problem behaviors of childhood effective, efficient, durable, and socially valid. This model features behavior-analytic problem conceptualization and a case formulation process based on the prioritized treatment of sleep problems, behavioral noncompliance, poor toleration of denial and delay, and weak functional communication skills. Treatment adherence considerations and multidisciplinary collaboration will also be discussed.




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