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50th Annual Convention; Philadelphia, PA; 2024

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Symposium #99
CE Offered: BACB
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 2.0: Innovation, Tools, and Tech Driven Service Delivery Evolution
Saturday, May 25, 2024
3:00 PM–3:50 PM
Convention Center, 100 Level, 113 B
Area: AUT/DDA; Domain: Service Delivery
Chair: Jessica Naomi Cadette Dunn (Orlando Health)
CE Instructor: Edward Justin Page, Ph.D.

The field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is experiencing a transformative shift towards innovation, technology, and enhanced service delivery. This symposium explores the convergence of these elements to usher in ABA 2.0. Collaborating with a transformational game company, behavior analysts are pioneering the creation of skill-building transformational games and tools. These transformational games offer an engaging and effective means of intervention, making learning enjoyable for individuals on and off the autism spectrum. This symposium will showcase the development and potential impact of these tools, shedding light on the ways technology can revolutionize behavior analytic practice. Further, we will delve into the successful deployment of these tools in clinical settings and special education classrooms. Our pilot data will begin to illustrate the practicality and effectiveness of integrating these innovations into established programs. Additionally, the symposium will explore the utilization of AI language models, such as ChatGPT, to assist behavior analysts in goal development and assessment writing. These tools are poised to enhance precision and efficiency in developing goals, and reporting, thereby optimizing the overall ABA service delivery process. Join us to witness the evolution of ABA, where technology, innovation, and collaboration converge to drive positive outcomes for individuals and professionals alike.

Instruction Level: Intermediate
Keyword(s): Gamification, Generative AI, Technology, Transformational Games
Target Audience:

Audience needs familiarity with the VB-MAPP assessment or other skill assessments, goal writing, delivering services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delays.

Learning Objectives: 1. Participants will learn how to implement a dissemination strategy to increase awareness and understanding of behavior analytic principles in non-ABA fields. 2.Identify at least 3 benefits of implementing innovative technology within service delivery 3. Identify critical components of a quality behavioral goal

Collaborating With Tech Innovators: Building Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Tools for Tomorrow

EDWARD JUSTIN PAGE (StepOne Neurodiversity Services)

This symposium presents a groundbreaking collaboration between a StepOne Neurodiversity Services and an established transformational game production company, Simcoach Games, in the creation of innovative digital tools for behavior analysts. The partnership, fostered by StepOne Neurodiversity Services, embodies a vision to disseminate the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) through engaging and transformative video games. This symposium will showcase the journey from identifying target skills to the development of prototype transformational games, ready for deployment in clinical and special education settings. Furthermore, the symposium will discuss ongoing and future research efforts to validate the impact of these games in real-world applications. A discussion and demonstration of the use of gamification of skill building interventions and creating a strategy of building transformational games across platforms (i.e., tablet, pc, virtual reality) to address different skill sets. These digital tools and games stand as a testament to the potential of technology to enhance ABA interventions, ultimately leading to more enriched learning experiences for behavior analysts and our clients.


From Concept to Classroom: Implementing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Games and Tools in Clinical and School Environments

KACEY RENEE FINCH (StepOne Neurodiversity Services)

The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) is commonly administered in clinical settings to evaluate clients’ current skill levels and progress throughout service provision (Sundberg, 2008). Administration of the VB-MAPP requires the arrangement and presentation of a variety of physical stimuli by the clinician. This process is often effortful and requires physical materials that need to be purchased or developed by the behavior analyst. StepOne Neurodiversity Services and software developers at Simcoach Games collaborated to design a digital card deck and an accompanying game that align with the VB-MAPP framework. The Card Deck is a customizable digital tool that functions as a replacement for a physical deck of stimulus cards. The corresponding transformational game includes an interactive game design that tasks learners with demonstrating matching-to-sample skills by retrieving correct target items while playing the role of a ghost. Through video demonstrations and single-subject data, we highlight benefits of using technology to enhance assessment and teaching of target skills, and analyze data produced by learner behavior. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how these innovative resources can streamline assessment and teaching while providing engaging and data-driven experiences for learners in different settings.


The Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Enhancing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Goal Setting and Reporting With Generative AI

CLARISSA NEPERENY (StepOne Neurodiversity Services)

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that creates new content, such as text, images, code, and music by applying information learned from large datasets of existing content to generate new and original outputs. Generative AI is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to revolutionize many industries by generating text and content related to targeted topic areas. StepOne Neurodiversity Services is developing a GAI assistant to guide clinicians through writing observable and measurable treatment goals. The assistant will generate goal ideas, identify goals, and personalize goals to meet the needs of individual clients. The assistant will serve as a collaborative tool to support clinicians, not replace them; clinicians will have autonomy with goal selection. We believe that GAI is particularly well-suited for generating goals because it can: (1) generate a high volume of simple, complex, short-term, and long-term goals, (2) develop goals that include all critical components of a quality behavioral goal, including conditionality, observable behavior, quantitative criteria, and target timeframe, (3) generate goals quickly and easily, and (4) help to personalize goals for individual clients. Overall, the use of this tool can reduce the time spent writing and reviewing treatment reports.




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