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50th Annual Convention; Philadelphia, PA; 2024

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Paper Session #158
CE Offered: BACB — 
Practical and Ethical Skills for Working in a School Setting
Saturday, May 25, 2024
5:00 PM–5:50 PM
Marriott Downtown, Level 5, Grand Ballroom Salon G
Area: EDC
Instruction Level: Intermediate
Chair: Ken Winn (Advanced Behavioral Resources)
CE Instructor: Ken Winn, M.S.

Responding to Behaviors With Compassion in the School Setting

Domain: Service Delivery
NICOLA SCHNEIDER (NRS Compassionate Behavior Services)

School-based settings have long relied on coercive and compliance-based practices to decrease behavioral challenges. Direct feedback from neurodivergent individuals about their school experiences is more readily available to mainstream society through social media. This attention on past practices as well as recent research on assent-based procedures within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis is reshaping how we address behaviors within the school environment. School-based staff continue to face an uphill battle when attempting to embed the values of trauma-assumed and compassionate care in the educational setting. Using skill-building, rather than escape extinction procedures early in the behavioral escalation cycle, we can not only prevent unsafe behaviors, but also increase coping and problem solving strategies. By understanding how and when to honor assent withdrawal within the classroom, we will be better equipped to respond to students who are not available to learn. In reframing our responses to unwanted behavior, we can leave behind outdated practices without compromising the effectiveness of interventions.


Join Together With the Band: Effective Collaboration in Schools

Domain: Service Delivery
KEN WINN (Advanced Behavioral Resources)

As our field continues to progress, the delivery of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is becoming more prominent in the school setting. This is based on success of student growth when interventions occur collaboratively and with consistency in student programming. ABA is highly effective in promoting positive behaviors, and when service delivery occurs across settings there is faster generalization of skills among students with diverse learning needs. Behavior Analysts have the wonderful opportunity to show the effectiveness of our interventions in learning environments where those interventions can be maximally effective but are not. This is due, in part, due to poor collaboration skills on the part of the behavior analyst. In this talk, we will explore pragmatic techniques for effective collaboration in public schools, often overlooked in the training of behavior analysis. During this talk we will also explore how these skills are represented in the BACB C ode of Ethics, specifically: 1. 2.10 Collaborating with Colleagues Behavior analysts collaborate with colleagues from their own and other professions in the best interest of clients and stakeholders.. 2. 3.16 Appropriately Transitioning Services Behavior analysts include in their service agreement the circumstances for transitioning the client to another behavior analyst within or outside of their organization. They make appropriate efforts to effectively manage transitions; provide a written plan that includes target dates, transition activities, and responsible parties; and review the plan throughout the transition.




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