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44th Annual Convention; San Diego, CA; 2018

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Symposium #430
CE Offered: BACB
Clinical Hours and Assessment Recommendation Tool: Standardizing the Assessment Process in a Large Applied Behavior Analysis Organization
Monday, May 28, 2018
10:00 AM–10:50 AM
Marriott Marquis, Marina Ballroom E
Area: OBM/TBA; Domain: Service Delivery
Chair: Brianna Fitchett (Easterseals Bay Area)
Discussant: Nna Rudnick (Easterseals Bay Area)
CE Instructor: Brianna Fitchett, M.S.

With the enactment of Senate Bill 946 in California, Easterseals has experienced unprecedented growth. This growth presented many challenges, including standardizing the treatment model across seven clinical locations to be congruent. In January 2017, Easterseals Bay Area Clinical Services enacted the standard that every six month authorization, a client will receive a developmental assessment and curriculum assessment. In addition to this, it became apparent that a standardized approach to assessment was necessary. A tool was created establishing the recommendation criteria for which curriculum based assessment to use and how many hours are deemed medically necessary. These recommendations are based on the following components of the client's learner profile: client age, Vineland 3 scores, Parenting Stress Index and/or Vineland 3 Maladaptive Behavior index. This tool was introduced to Easterseals Bay Area clinical staff in October 2017, with full implementation by January 2018. The curriculums recommended, the hours recommended, and results of this full implementation will be discussed in how it impacts ease of treatment planning, increased confidence in treatment recommendations for practitioners, and decrease in number of different curriculums used across seven clinical offices.

Keyword(s): Assessment, Standardized Treatment
Target Audience:

BCBA ABA Agencies


Clinical Hours and Assessment Recommendation Tool: Standardizing Curriculum-Based Assessments

KALINA STOGSDILL (Easterseals Bay Area)

As the field of Applied Behavior Analysis has grown over the last two decades, a variety of curriculum based assessments have also been introduced. Some curriculums focus on specific domains, such as verbal behavior or social skills, while others focus on skills that are at the center of developmental or academic milestones. Further, there are also curriculum based assessments that focus on specific functional skills needed for daily living, outside of any developmental or age based protocol. As of January 2017, Easterseals Bay Area clinicians were implementing at least eight different curriculum based assessments across the seven offices. Members of the clinical leadership team met in June 2017 and started researching the different curriculums to identify those that best represented Easterseals Bay Area client needs and to standardize the use of these assessments across offices. Comparisons of each curriculum based assessment researched and the process of choosing the final three being recommended for Easterseals clients will be discussed.

Clinical Hours and Assessment Recommendation Tool: Standardizing Treatment Hour Recommendations
LINDSEY SNEED (Easterseals Bay Area)
Abstract: Easterseals Bay Area currently serves over 550 clients and with that, 22 Clinical Managers and two Clinical Assessors who provide behavioral assessment, treatment plan, and recommendation of treatment hours. Although a ratio of direct treatment hours to mid-level supervisor to high-level supervisor was determined approximately 4 years ago, the number of direct treatment hours recommended could vary from practitioner to practitioner even when presented with a similar client profile. In addition, there are many client profiles in which the practitioner will request additional mid-level and/or high-level supervision hours to support the client’s clinical need - be it for high frequency aberrant behavior and/or additional parent education. To support a standardized approach to these recommendations Easterseals Bay Area Clinical Leadership created a sub-committee to evaluate recommendations, review the research, and made a determination for clinical treatment hours provided. This information was compiled and a clinical treatment hour recommendation tool was developed based off the learners profile and supporting research.



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