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11th International Conference; Dublin, Ireland; 2022

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Paper Session #111
Creating Individually Tailored Interventions and Their Challenges
Friday, September 2, 2022
9:00 AM–9:50 AM
Meeting Level 2; Wicklow Hall 2A
Area: EDC
Chair: Shanna Hirsch (Clemson University)

Can Long-Term Safety Leadership Be Trained? Construction Site Managers’ Perception of an Individually Tailored Intervention

Domain: Applied Research
MAX RAPP RAPP-RICCIARDI (University of Gotheburg, Department of Psychology), Christine Räisänen (Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg - Sweden), Pernilla Larsman (University of Gothenburg, Department of Psychology), Martin Grill (Gothernburg University), Amanda Samuelsson (Gothenburg University)

Despite stringent safety rules, the project-based construction sector still generates one of the highest work-related injury rates in Europe. The role of construction-site leadership is paramount for fostering safety-related work behaviours on construction sites. A fair amount of safety research on the sector addresses managerial training; however, context-specific longer-term effects remain under-researched. In-depth, open-ended interviews were carried out with 20 site-managers several months after they attended a tailor-made practice-based training intervention. Applying an interpretative approach and narrative analysis, the aim was to appraise actual and potential effects of the training on their mindset and safety behaviours. Focus was on the participants’ experiences of, learnings from and applications of the training. The results highlighted the crucial importance of context on the effects of the training. Whether and how well the site-managers had internalised and applied the insights and learning from the course largely depended on the phase of the construction project they were managing at the time of the course. This is an important insight for both safety-research and behavioural (re)training interventions where context is rarely problematised, but rather viewed as static backdrop.


A Review of Over 300 FBA-BIP Documents: Implications and Recommendations for Practice

Domain: Applied Research
SHANNA HIRSCH (Clemson University), Timothy J. Lewis (University of Missouri)

Although functional behavioral assessment and behavior intervention plan (FBA-BIP) are a common practice for students with disabilities, the practice base is limited as most record reviews include less than 100 participants and most reviews were conducted between 2005-2010. This descriptive analysis examined the FBA-BIP records of 304 students with disabilities. No previous research has examined this large of a sample. The results, limitations, future research, and implications for professional development will be) discussed.




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