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48th Annual Convention; Boston, MA; 2022

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Poster Session #101
DEV Saturday Poster Session: Even-Numbered Posters
Saturday, May 28, 2022
2:00 PM–3:00 PM
Exhibit Level; Exhibit Hall A
Chair: Jo Ann Pereira Delgado (Teachers College, Columbia University)
86. The Effect of Intensive Listener Instruction and Intensive Tact Instruction on Joint Attention
Area: DEV; Domain: Applied Research
NANA ISHIKAWA (Teachers College Columbia University)
Discussant: Jo Ann Pereira Delgado (Teachers College, Columbia University)

Infants who require early intervention services often times do not have joint attention skills in repertoire. Previous research show that having joint attention skills is important for a child’s development. The purpose of this study was to induce joint attention using an Intensive Tact Instruction (ITI) for children with listener and speaker skills while using an Intensive Listener Instruction (ILI) for children with listener, but no speaker skills. They were all receiving Special Instruction services at an Early Intervention center or a Preschool during the time of the study. The dependent variables in the study included the measure of responding to joint attention (RJA), initiating joint attention (IJA), observing responses, and whether praise functioned as a reinforcer. A nonconcurrent multiple baseline design was used to measure the effect of the ITI and ILI on joint attention (RJA and IJA) and observing responses. Results indicate that a child requires specific cusps and capabilities to benefit from the intervention.

90. The Effects of an Accelerated Auditory Matching Protocol for Early Intervention Students
Area: DEV; Domain: Applied Research
TIANYUE SUN (Teacher College, Columbia), Yifei Sun (Fred S Keller School), Cesira K. Farrell (Fred S. Keller School), Song Choi (Teachers College, Columbia University)
Discussant: Jo Ann Pereira Delgado (Teachers College, Columbia University)
Abstract: We investigated the effectiveness of an accelerated auditory matching protocol on the improvement of echoic clarity to a 20 two-syllable words probe. Three participants (two males and one female aged between 35 to 37 months) who attended an early intervention school because of their classification of developmental delays/disabilities participated in the study. All participants emitted some speaker behaviors that lacked clarity. We conducted the protocol (eight basic phases and 13 advanced phases) using an iPad App to teach matching target sound with an exemplar sound in the presence of a negative exemplar. This study employed a multiple probe design across participants. All participants demonstrated improvements in the emission of accurate echoic responses upon mastery of auditory matching. Moreover, compared to those who received the full dosage of the same protocol in previous studies, the participants in this study required fewer learn units to master all phases and to demonstrate improvement.



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