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Ninth International Conference; Paris, France; 2017

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Paper Session #102
CANCELED: Topics in Community, Social and Sustainability Issues: Metacontingencies
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
3:00 PM–3:50 PM
Studio GHIJ; Niveau 2
Area: CSS
Chair: Izabel Cristina Vale de Carvalho (UnB)
CANCELED: The Role of Middlemen in Administrative Actions: Behavioral and Metacontingencies Analyses of Petty Corruption
Domain: Basic Research
TETE KOBLA AGBOTA (Oslo and Akershus University of Applied Sciences)
Abstract: The use of intermediaries known as goro boys when accessing public goods is common in Ghana. The paper explores why people use intermediaries during public encounters. The paper examines the role of intermediaries in perpetuating petty corruption behavior as a cultural determinant for administrative actions. Using behavioral contingencies and metacontingencies, as analytical tools the paper examines the contingencies that generate and sustain the use intermediaries in administrative actions. The paper calls for the rearrangement of administrative processes and procedures to eliminate intermediaries during public encounters and concludes that combating corruption should focus more on methods, which destabilize corrupt relationships. For example by introducing entities not participating in producing the aggregate product (corruption).
CANCELED: Metacontingency in the Law Control
Domain: Basic Research
Abstract: Metacontingency describes relationships between interlocking behavioral contingencies, the common effect on the environment (an aggregate product) and consequences related to its product. Laws are constituted of the contingencies of reinforcement interlocked into metacontingencies, maintained by a governmental agency. Will be presented two researches that describes, in term of Metacontingencies: (1) one brazilian law, about the public education’s system; and (2) the legislative process of the law which provides the remission by study of part of the penalty’s execution time. The former (1) identified in the law metacontingencies and systematized the aggregate products through the question "What other aggregate products are required to be produced to achieve this aggregate product?". As result, the Art. 2 describes the main Metacontingency, that included two secondary metacontingencies, according the aggregate product specified. The latter (2) were analyzed the metacontingencies involved in the process of drafting the law, classified them according to the role they played in the legislative process: General, that covered the entire process; Original, that involve the drafting process of the bills; and Procedural, that covered a stage of the legislative process. Throughout the process were found fifteen metacontingencies: one General, four Original and ten Procedural.



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