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41st Annual Convention; San Antonio, TX; 2015

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Expo Poster Session #113
Other Organizations
Saturday, May 23, 2015
8:00 PM–10:30 PM
Exhibit Hall C (CC)
156. Association for Science in Autism Treatment
DAVID A. CELIBERTI (Association for Science in Autism Treatment)
Abstract: The vast array of "proposed treatments" for autism can be both overwhelming and confusing for consumers. Sadly, there is not a shared commitment to empirical validation, research, and data-based decision making amongst providers. The Association for Science and Autism Treatment (ASAT) strives to be an important resource for individuals with autism, family members, professionals, and paraprofessionals, in fact, for anyone interested in reliable, science-based and accurate information about autism and its treatments. Founded in 1998, the mission of the ASAT is to disseminate accurate, scientifically sound information about treatments for autism and to improve access to effective, science-based treatments for all people with autism, regardless of age, severity of condition, income or place of residence. For more information please visit ASAT's website at To receive Science in Autism Treatment, ASAT's free quarterly newsletter, subscribe at
157. Autism Home Support Services
JANA M. SARNO (Autism Home Support Services), Lisa Dworkin (Autism Home Support Services), Johna Sommer (Autism Home Support Services), Laura McKee (Autism Home Support Services), Steve Kaufman (Autism Home Support Services)
Abstract: Founded in 2009, Autism Home Support Services provides effective, high-quality ABA services to children diagnosed with autism and related disorders. The AHSS culture delivers results for our clients through Our Core Values: Teamwork, Positivity & Energy, Empathy, and Getting Stuff Done. Along with in-home intervention, AHSS has additional services including school consulting and collaborative support with community resources, which provides a more tailored approach to meeting the specific needs of our clients. AHSS is proud to serve families in Michigan and Illinois, with BCBA opportunities available as we continue to grow. Being a BCBA at AHSS, means that you are vital member of a dynamic, highly-trained, and growing BCBA community. Our team fosters a collaborative relationship among BCBA peers and clinical support. With organizational supports that manage technology, scheduling, and billing, the BCBA is able to provide unparalleled clinical services to children and families. Regularly scheduled professional development opportunities are available, which allows the organization to bring cutting edge clinical knowledge to our team. Come learn about AHSS and grow with us!
158. Behavior as the Brohaviorist Views It
RYAN LEE O'DONNELL (Brohavior), Amy Lynn Evans (Brohavior), Marc D'Antin (Brohavior), Tara M. Grant (Brohavior), Cameron Green (Brohavior), Lea June (Brohavior), Scott A. Miller (Brohavior), Dominique Stedham (Brohavior)
Abstract: Brohavior is an online community of behavioral neophytes and journeymen that formed in April of 2013. The question usually goes "Why Brohavior?" Well, the name was jokingly suggested at our first meeting and has since stuck. Membership is close to 50/50 women to men with members stretched across 6 states in the U.S., 4 countries (U.S., Canada, China, and Norway) and 15 affiliations. Our aim is to create a collaborative environment where students of behavior analysis are exposed to and pursue behavior analytic literature, philosophy and research that is outside of the scope of the BACB approved course sequence. We work towards this mission via the following aims: a private listserv, weekly web-based meetings, settings weekly and monthly goals, tracking goals, and sharing professional presentations. Our main focus for involvement is that you have a passion for behavior analysis and that you are willing to experience the embarrassment, confusion, love, and all of the other “baggage” that comes with learning new things. If you share a similar interest, then please introduce yourself and chat with us!
159. Chimes Delaware
KAORI G. NEPO (Chimes Delaware), Lois Meszaros (Chimes Delaware)
Abstract: Chimes Delaware has been supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for 20 years. Today, we are one of the largest service providers in the state of Delaware with programs operating statewide. Our array of services emphasizes choice and diversity of opportunities that span every stage of adult life, enabling our participants to fulfill their goals and dreams and maximize their independence. We provide residential, day habilitation, and employment services as well as adjunctive supports by a staff of registered nurses, a psychologist, behavior analysts, and a mental health specialist. Using a multi-disciplinary team approach, our staff works with the program participants, their families, and advocates to develop an Essential Lifestyle Plan. Each person-centered plan includes the participant’s personalized goals and corresponding evidence-based approach to assist the process. We offer internship opportunities for students seeking hand-on experience at a state of art organization. The interns will be supervised by board certified behavior analysts and a licensed clinical psychologist. In addition, we are always looking for enthusiastic and highly qualified candidates to join our team.
160. Graduate Internet Coursework and Continuing Education in Behavior Analysis at the University of North Texas
BROOK B. WHEETLEY (University of North Texas), Todd A. Ward (University of North Texas)
Abstract: The Department of Behavior Analysis at the University of North Texas offers a distance program in behavior analysis. This internet program is a sequence of six self-paced courses, designed by full-time faculty, to meet the needs of individuals who cannot obtain coursework in behavior analysis locally. The courses are multimedia, high interactive, and cover the academic content required by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) for BCBAs and BCaBAs. Students may also earn a 18-SCH academic Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis for completing the 6-course sequence.
161. The Behavior Station: A Platform for Disseminating Behavior Analysis
TIFFANY N. KILBY, MS, BCBA (The Behavior Station, LLC), Natalie De Paz (The Behavior Station, LLC), Zachary Stevens (The Behavior Station, LLC)
Abstract: Behavior analysts have the task of upholding rigorous ethical standards, which includes the responsibility to disseminate behavior analysis (BACB). The Behavior Station, LLC provides a platform for achieving this goal by transporting resources and mapping out science-based information. The Behavior Station's website is committed to debunking misinformed claims that are not scientifically supported, provides access to the truth about behavior, and highlights the realities and benefits of behavior analysis. The Behavior Station starts with behavior analysts, but does not end there. One of The Behavior Station's goals is to disseminate that everyone behaves, and therefore, everyone should know about the lawfulness of their behaviors. The Behavior Station therefore serves as a burgeoning resource network of and for everyone. The Expo Poster will provide information about The Behavior Station and its online platforms for the dissemination of behavior analysis. At the annual ABAI Conventions, behavior analysts congregate for a week of discussion regarding behavior analysis and updated research in the field. The Behavior Station's Expo Poster will prompt discussion and thought on the other 51 weeks of the year - when behavior analysts should be disseminating behavior analysis to the public or individuals not trained in behavior analysis.

Texas Tech University College of Education, Department of Educational Psychology & Leadership, Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research

WESLEY H. DOTSON (Texas Tech University)

Expo poster listing programs, funding opportunities, research opportunities, program faculty, and other activities and opportunities available and the Burkhart Center.




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