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11th International Conference; Dublin, Ireland; 2022

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Paper Session #101
A Speech-Language Pathologist's Suggestions to Common Behavior Analyst Questions
Saturday, September 3, 2022
11:30 AM–11:55 AM
Meeting Level 2; Wicklow Hall 2B
Area: CBM
Chair: Janine Shapiro (Lighthouse Autism Center)

CANCELLED: Articulating a role for Applied Behavior Analysis in Healthcare and Medicine

Domain: Applied Research
MANISH VAIDYA (University of North Texas), Brennan Patrick Armshaw (University of North Texas), Alden Marie Gartrell (University of North Texas), J. Logan Gibson (University of North Texas)

Problems traditionally thought to belong to domains outside behavior analysis (e.g., healthcare and medicine) have behavioral components that can be optimized to improve patient outcomes. A protocol to improve compliance with a medication regimen, for example, could play a significant role in improving health outcomes for some patients. This address will present three applications of behavior analytic principles designed to address a behavioral component of a medical problem with the goal of improving patient outcomes. These areas include physical rehabilitation following total knee replacement surgery, remediation of problems with swallowing or Dysphagia, and treatment of stress incontinence in older adults. In each case, we describe the nature of the clinical concern and provide a behavioral conceptualization of certain key components. We then describe solutions informed by behavioral conceptualizations and evaluations of their effectiveness in clinical and laboratory contexts. We hope the work leads to an appreciation of the role of applied behavior analysis in medicine and healthcare.

A Speech-Language Pathologist's Suggestions to Common Behavior Analyst Questions
Domain: Service Delivery
JANINE SHAPIRO (Lighthouse Autism Center), Emily Sears (Lighthouse Autism Center)
Abstract: Most behavior analysts have not received explicit training in speech development; however, speech is amenable to the principles of behavior and a common goal in the treatment plans of learners.  In this interactive presentation, dually certified speech-language pathologists/board certified behavior analysts provide practical behavior analytic tips to address the most common questions they have received in their careers integrating the disciplines of speech-language pathology and behavior analysis.  Topics include increasing airflow to increase the volume of speech, establishing vocal communication through both direct and indirect techniques, decreasing rate, and improving intelligibility by layering visual, tactile, and/or physical prompting to verbal stimuli. For every common challenge area, multiple different strategies will be offered in addition to step-by-step instructions for implementing them. The techniques described will be clearly presented and immediately applicable to individuals with communication deficits ranging from the absence of vocal language to mild speech errors.



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