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11th International Conference; Dublin, Ireland; 2022

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Paper Session #119
Behavioral Applications to Accelerate Performance and Achievement in Schools and in the Workplace
Saturday, September 3, 2022
2:00 PM–2:50 PM
Meeting Level 1; Liffey Hall 1
Area: OBM
Instruction Level: Basic
Chair: Paul "Paulie" Gavoni (Professional Crisis Management Association)

Crisis is Opportunity: Using Organizational Behavior Management to Minimize Severe Behavioral Issues and Accelerate Student Achievement in Schools

Domain: Service Delivery
PAUL "PAULIE" GAVONI (Professional Crisis Management Association)

One of the primary goals of any school system is to equip students with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to become college and career ready. An effective school increases a student's chances of achievement and thus propels the student towards that goal. While most students and educators have traditionally had a positive educational experience, there are a growing number who are struggling as complex environmental variables have begun to produce changes that have led to decreases in student learning, increases in faculty and school leader attrition, and increases in aggressive and high magnitude student behavior. But addressing each individual issue is not practical and beyond the resources of most schools; therefore, schools need systems designed to bring out the best in educators at scale so they can bring out the best in all of the students they serve. This talk will look at education through an Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) lens to address the need for Behavioral Leadership at the school and classroom level for reducing behavioral crises and accelerating student achievement.

Deliberate Coaching: The Role of Organizational Coaching Systems for Accelerating Performance and Changing Culture
Domain: Service Delivery
PAUL "PAULIE" GAVONI (Professional Crisis Management Association)
Abstract: Decades of research on applying behavior analysis to business and leadership practices has given us a number of tools proven to be effective at creating meaningful behavior change. However, organizational behavior management (OBM) is not a one-stop-shop, only to be accessed when something goes wrong. Good leaders don’t just wait for an issue and then work to put out the fire; they proactively assess and coach to avoid the issue in the first place. They are deliberate with their performance-improvement efforts. Systemic culture change comes through sustainable behavioral leadership initiatives at the core of which are coaching systems that are precise, purposeful, and systematic. The purpose of this address is to discuss leadership and coaching in the context of organizational culture and management practices, while offering tips for sustainable performance-management systems that are scalable.



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