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11th International Conference; Dublin, Ireland; 2022

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Invited Paper Session #1
Invited Workshop: Process-Based Behavior Therapy (PBBT): Why a New Behavior Therapy was Needed
Thursday, September 1, 2022
1:00 PM–2:50 PM
Meeting Level 1: Liffey B
Area: CBM; Domain: Theory
Chair: Deisy das Graças De Souza (Universidade Federal de São Carlos)
CE Instructor: Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Ph.D.
Presenting Author: YVONNE BARNES-HOLMES (Ghent University)
Abstract: It is not easy for any form of psychotherapeutic intervention or regime to stay close to laboratory-generated processes. Indeed, there are few, if any, examples of where this is genuinely the case. Clinicians struggle daily with the fact that basic psychological research has not clearly identified the processes they should be targeting for lasting change of complex human behavior. However, recent developments in Relational Frame Theory (RFT) have now provided us with a sound account and evidence of a core complex behavioral process that clinicians can work with in a precise and effective way. This process of arbitrarily applicable relational responding, and the ROE (relating, orienting, and evoking) as its basic unit, have fundamentally changed what can be achieved through behavior therapy. Finally, a legitimate form of process-based behavior therapy is available to clinical behavior analysts who wish to work with complex clients. This talk will explore how Process-Based Behaviour Therapy (PBBT) does exactly that.
Instruction Level: Basic
Target Audience:

Any member with Masters-level training in behavioral science.

Learning Objectives: 1. Attendees will be able to describe RFT’s concept of the ROE (relating, orienting, and evoking) as the basic unit of the core process of arbitrarily applicable relational responding. 2. Attendees will be able to integrate the ROE with PBBT, in terms of how the therapy uses the basic unit to understand complex clinical behavior. 3. Attendees will be able to understand how PBBT interventions change obstructive behavioral patterns.
Dr. Yvonne Barnes-Holmes has been a highly successful academic and clinician with a strong track record in teaching, training, publishing and presenting for the last 20 years. She has published over 150 scientific articles and book chapters and given over 500 presentations and workshops internationally. She was an Associate Professor in Behavior Analysis and a Senior Research Fellow at Ghent University before establishing Perspectives Ireland Consulting Psychologists Ltd. She is the Co-Developer of Process-Based behavior Therapy (PBBT).



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