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47th Annual Convention; Online; 2021

All times listed are Eastern time (GMT-4 at the time of the convention in May).

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Paper Session #471
The Development and Implementation of a Program to Teach the Operant Quadrant
Monday, May 31, 2021
4:30 PM–4:55 PM
Area: TBA
Chair: Jessica Auzenne (University of North Texas)
The Development and Implementation of a Program to Teach the Operant Quadrant
Domain: Applied Research
JESSICA AUZENNE (University of North Texas), Jesus Rosales-Ruiz (University of North Texas)
Abstract: The operant quadrant (i.e., positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment) is included in behavior analysis, education, psychology, and business courses. In the private sector, these concepts have been included when training human services professionals and animal trainers. However, students often have trouble classifying examples of these concepts. Behavior analysis has a rich history in programmed instruction (see Vargas & Vargas, 1991) and the use of single-subject methodologies to develop teaching programs. However, no published studies to date have employed these strategies in creating instruction to teach learners to categorize situations in terms of the operant quadrant. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the instructional design process employed to create an instructional program to teach the quadrant. This paper will also describe learner outcomes from a variety of learners following their completion of this instructional program. Implications for introducing future learners to behavior analytic concepts will be discussed.



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