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49th Annual Convention; Denver, CO; 2023

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Workshop #W16
CE Offered: BACB — 
Trauma Informed Behavior Analysis: Client-Based History Influences Treatment Effectiveness
Friday, May 26, 2023
4:00 PM–7:00 PM
Convention Center Mile High Ballroom 3B
Area: DEV/CSS; Domain: Applied Research
CE Instructor: Julie A. Ackerlund Brandt, Ph.D.
ANN MARIE KONDRAD (Yellow Brick Academy), JULIE A. ACKERLUND BRANDT (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology )
Description: Trauma informed care is more than a buzz word both inside and out of the ABA community. Foreknowledge of client’s history can influence the use of behavioral interventions and their effectiveness. During the assessment process, it is vital to obtain a client’s previous trauma history. When creating a behavioral intervention plan, care should be taken to acknowledge the client’s history and select interventions not only based on function but also their prior learning history.
Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the presentation, participants will be able to: 1. Attendees will learn about the impact of trauma history on a client’s treatment. 2. Attendees will learn about research completed within the field of trauma informed behavior analysis. 3. Attendees will identify assessments of a client’s history. 4. Attendees will learn about antecedent interventions to minimize re-traumatization of the client. 5. Attendees will learn about research-based interventions including the treatment and development of behavior to improve skill development. 6. Attendees will identify ways in which Behavior Analyst can work to improve trauma informed treatment in ABA.
Activities: lecture and small group breakouts
Audience: Clinicians, graduate students, and researchers interested in trauma-informed ABA practices
Content Area: Practice
Instruction Level: Basic
Keyword(s): antecedent, function, trauma



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