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44th Annual Convention; San Diego, CA; 2018

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Symposium #394
CE Offered: BACB
Organizational Behavior Management and Beyond: Case Studies in Organizational Behavior Management
Monday, May 28, 2018
8:00 AM–8:50 AM
Marriott Marquis, Marina Ballroom F
Area: OBM/AUT; Domain: Translational
Chair: Daniel B. Sundberg (Kendrick Realty, Inc)
CE Instructor: Daniel B. Sundberg, Ph.D.

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) and Behavioral Systems Analysis has had huge successes in changing variables to increase productivity and profitability over time. Contract fulfillment, as defined as contracted versus billed hours, is a concrete measurement related to profitability across any company providing intensive Applied Behavior Analysis therapy. In this symposium, presenters will be discussing the history of Organizational Behavior Management and Behavioral Systems Analysis, how one agency utilized these systems to increase contract fulfillment and the potential other benefits Organizational Behavior Management can have with an agency. This presentation will give a practical real-world look at how one organization has begun to improve an issue that plagues most ABA service providers. This will also serve as an example of how Organizational Behavior Management can be applied at a large scale to solve business-wide issues from a behavior analytic systems perspective.

Instruction Level: Intermediate
Target Audience:

BCBA practitioners, clinicians, administrators

Learning Objectives: Expand knowledge, including application of Organizational Behavior Management principles Increase contract fulfillment across insurance contracts within an ABA agency Increase systems analysis across different organizations, including ABA agencies, real estate and more

Behavior Analysis in Real Estate? A Case Study in Organizational Behavior Management

DANIEL B. SUNDBERG (ABA Technologies), Lisa M Sickman (Kendrick Realty, Inc.)

Behavior Analysis as a science has the potential to produce significant changes in all areas that involve human behavior. Recently, the field has had a tremendous impact in the treatment of autism and other developmental disabilities, and has gained much public recognition and acceptance. However, many behavior analysts often lament the apparently narrowing focus of the field into just one subject area, and frequently ask - why haven't we done more? Outside of clinical behavior analysis, there are a number of individuals working to apply the science of behavior to a great variety of settings and populations. The present talk will present a case study of how behavior analysis has been used to influence performance in a very "non-traditional" setting - A real estate company.


Increasing Contract Fulfillment Using Organizational Behavior Management and Behavioral Systems Analysis

(Service Delivery)
MARI R. UEDA-TAO (Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc.), Brenda J. Terzich Garland (Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc.), Daniel B. Sundberg (ABA Technologies)

The rapid change in the world of autism treatment has sparked rapid growth, and big challenges for companies providing ABA treatment services. One major challenge many such organizations encounter relates to providing all treatment hours deemed clinically necessary by ABA professionals. Under-providing hours can slow clinical progress, as clients receive fewer service hours than are deemed clinically necessary. It also presents a significant business challenge, as it leaves hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars unbilled by service providers. Many of the factors that contribute to low contract fulfillment rates are behavioral in nature, and may be improved by taking a behavior analytic approach. This presentation will present a case-study of an organization that employed OBM and Behavioral Systems Analysis to analyze and improve contract fulfillment rates. Intervention strategies included process redesigns, and implementation of task clarification and multi-level feedback systems. Preliminary data indicate the organization increased hours billed by 5% - 10% at one site, and have the potential to see increases as much as 10% - 15% organization-wide.


A Behavior Analytic Understanding of the Change Management Protocol Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement


Change Management is a common approach to change in many organizations. The ADKAR model to change management is one of the popular change management systems being used by businesses today. Upon further inspection of the ADKAR change management model, there are many behavior analytic principles that may be extrapolated for effective organizational behavior management. If behavioral analysts are able to utilize this widely adopted practice by bridging the well-known organizational development components and verbiage of ADKAR with the underlying science and nomenclature of behavior analytics, then behavior analysts will be able to continue to make strides in supporting the ongoing needs of any organization within and outside of the ABA industry. This talk is designed to teach clinicians in the behavior analytic industry how to utilize their extensive training in behavior analysis to not only apply their knowledge to organizational behavior management, but also to generalize that knowledge across organizational systems.




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