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49th Annual Convention; Denver, CO; 2023

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Paper Session #25
Supervision: Identifying and Enhancing Its Role in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services
Saturday, May 27, 2023
11:00 AM–11:50 AM
Hyatt Regency, Mineral Hall D-G
Area: OBM
Chair: Kerri L. Milyko (CentralReach)
Beyond Supervision: Leadership for Today
Domain: Service Delivery
KERRI L. MILYKO (CentralReach)
Abstract: The creation of new behavior analysts relies on supervision. Yet LeBlanc, Sellers, and Ala’i (2020) detail a great distinction between supervision and mentorship where a supervisor ensures the supervisee completes the requirements of their job and is transactional. A mentor is invested in the relationship with their mentee that lasts in perpetuity. They share in the joy of the other’s accomplishments and invest in the mentee’s future. Today’s employee is a unique individual who seeks a mentor, not a supervisor. By 2025, 75% of the country’s workforce will be from the Millennial generation. They are more aware of their personal values and how they contribute to their professional values and are quick to leave an organization when the two do not align (Wilson & Meyer, 2021). As such, the old guard in leadership positions of applied behavior analysis (ABA) organizations cannot supervise or lead in the same way they were taught. This presentation shows data detailing differences in workplace experiences with respect to gender, race, disability, and intersectionalities. Strategies provided to both existing leaders and current supervisees are provided to help improve current skill sets to create a more inclusive, enriched mentorship experience that leads to diversity in ABA leadership.

Clinician, Trainer, Instructional Designer, Administrator, Mentor, and Performance Manager: The Many Hats of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Supervisor

Domain: Service Delivery
HEATHER M. MCGEE (Western Michigan University)

What does it mean to provide "supervision"? The term "supervision" seems to have come to mean many different things within the field of behavior analysis. This is particularly true when comparing how the term is used in ABA professional certification/development circles versus OBM circles. In this talk, I will describe the various functions of supervision in human service settings, and discuss the role that OBM plays (or does not play) in each. Additionally, I will discuss the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required of performers within each supervision function, and provide recommendations for how supervisors might gain those KSAs beyond the required BACB® supervision training and coursework.




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