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46th Annual Convention (Online)

How to Chat with Attendees

This document applies to:

  • Expo Poster and Poster Presenters
  • Exhibitors
  • Paper Presenters


1 Requirements and Recommendation

You will require the following to interact with the attendees:

  • Internet access
  • Modern browser like Chrome or Firefox


No special software installation is required to interact with the attendees. For best experience, it is recommended to access the virtual convention via laptop, workstation and monitor or an iPad/tablet with enough resolution.


2 Access

  1. Access the virtual convention via the ABAI Website or directly into the convention using a URL provided by ABAI. If you do not have one please send an inquiry to
  2. Sign into the platform using the credentials you have.
  3. Locate the main menu located at the top of the screen and Locate “Expo Hall” or “Poster Hall”. “Paper sessions” can be located under the “Sessions” option.
  4. The image below shows an example of an Exhibit hall.

    Exhibit Hall Image
    Figure 1: Sample of an Exhibit Hall with booths and top Navigation.

  5. Posters boards and Papers boards will have a different look. An example of a Poster board is shown below:

    Exhibit Hall Image
    Figure 2: Example of a poster or paper board.

  6. Locate your booth, poster or paper and click on it.
  7. You will be taken to your booth, paper or poster board. An example of the Exhibit Booth is shown blow.
  8. Your booth, paper and poster interface will look different, but you will be able to locate the chat icon at the top of the page as shown below.

    Exhibit Hall Image
    Figure 3: Exhibit booth example.

  9. Click on the chat icon to access your toolkit.
  10. Your toolkit allows you to:
    1. See who is waiting to talk to you in the “Chat Queue”.
    2. Chat with your fellow presenters or exhibitors privately.
    3. Chat with attendees at your booth, paper or poster.

      Exhibit Hall Image
      Figure 4: Exhibitor and Presenter Toolkit screen.


    3 Chat

    There are 3 types of chats:

    • Rep chats – which is a private chat between you and your fellow presenters or exhibitors. Attendees will not see this.
    • Booth chat – which allows you to engage with the attendees that are at your booth publicly.
    • Private chat – which is a privately chat conversation between you and a specific attendee.


3.1 Private Chats

You can start a private chat one of 2 ways.
    1. Click on the chat button next to the user’s name.
    2. Click on the user, and then click the chat button to initiate a private chat.

Exhibit Hall Image
Figure 5: Private Chat options.


3.2 Booth Chats

The Booth Chat Tab allows you and participate in your booth’s, paper’s or poster’s Group Chat.
    1. You still have access to your Rep Chat.
    2. Update your font face, color and size by clicking on the A under the message area.
    3. Type any group chat messages and click send.

Exhibit Hall Image
Figure 6: Booth chat options.


3.3 Rep Chat

The Rep Chat is a private chat for individual Booth staff, Paper or Poster presenters ONLY. Attendees will not see anything entered in the Rep Chat.

Exhibit Hall Image
Figure 7: Rep chat screen.


4 Support

If you need help at any time during the live event, please click on the Help Desk in the top navigation and live staff will be available to assist you.

Exhibit Hall Image

Figure 8: Link to Support Staff.



Modifed by Eddie Soh