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The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

48th Annual Convention

Call for Submissions


New in 2022


Diversity and Sustainability Designations

Beginning in 2021, individuals were able to self-select during the submission process if the submission met the criteria for “diversity” or “sustainability” designations. Beginning with the 2022 convention, individuals must also provide a rationale for why the submission should receive the diversity or sustainability designation. The Program Board will review all self-selected designations and approve those that are appropriate.


Diversity submissions may address issues of access (to higher education, services, etc.) of marginalized groups; behavioral science research concerned with topics such as implicit bias in scientific research, interventions aiming to ameliorate the effects of systemic bias, and others; or analyses of discriminatory behavior, of both individual and systems. The Program Board is also open to reviewing novel interpretations of this program focus.


Sustainability submissions may address ways behavioral approaches might be used (or are being used) to change behaviors of individuals, governments, and societies to implement policy or adopt practices that encourage and enhance environmental sustainability. Additionally, such submissions might cover approaches to securing funding for such research. The Program Board is also open to reviewing novel interpretations of this program focus.


Submission Language Considerations

Last year the Program Board, with the tremendous help of the ABA Taskforce, began using a rubric to review all submissions for culturally sensitive and inclusive language. You will be asked to verify in the submission process that you have reviewed your title and abstract language using these guidelines. Submissions that are accepted may be subject to requested revisions by Program Board to adhere to these recommendations.


Paper Submissions Now Eligible to Offer BACB Continuing Education Credit

Individual paper sessions are now eligible to offer BACB continuing education credit. Please review the paper submission guidelines to learn the information needed to apply to offer CE for your paper.


Panels and Symposia Now Eligible to Offer PSY Continuing Education Credit

To be approved for PSY credit, sessions must consist of formal learning activities that (1) are relevant to psychological practice, education and science; (2) enable psychologists to keep pace with the most current scientific evidence regarding assessment, intervention, and education as well as important legal, statutory, or regulatory issues; and (3) allow psychologists to maintain, develop, and increase competencies in order to improve services to the public and enhance contributions to the profession.


Additionally, PSY CE sessions must be grounded in an evidence-based approach. CE sessions that are focused on application of psychological assessment and/or intervention methods must include content that is credibly supported by the most current scientific evidence. CE sessions may also provide information related to ethical, legal, statutory, or regulatory policies, guidelines, and standards that impact psychology.


Scholarly Contributions to DEI Paper Competition

These awards are designed to encourage, promote, and reward behavior analytic scholarship on topics and issues in DEI, both in the field of behavior analysis and more broadly. Students (graduate or undergraduate) and post-graduate professionals who have completed empirical or conceptual papers relevant to DEI and that are informed, at least in part, by a behavior analytic perspective are invited to submit. Submissions for the paper competition may be made here.



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