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University of West Florida

51253 BCBA 5th Edition - [expired] (BACB - Fifth Edition)

10001 North Davis Hwy | Pensacola | FL | United States |

Course Sequence Number
51253 BCBA 5th Edition - [expired]
Edition Name
BACB - Fifth Edition
Certification Level
Coursework Level
Mode of Instruction
Center for Behavior Analysis
Program Name
Center for Behavior Analysis
Credit System
Program Website
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Content Areas and Courses BACB Ethics Code and Code-Enforcement System; Professionalism Philosophical Underpinnings Concepts & Principles Philosophical Underpinnings; Concepts & Principles (BCaBA use only) Measurements, Data Display and Interpretation; Experimental Design Behavior Assessment Behavior-Change Procedures; Selecting and Implementing Interventions Personnel Supervision and Management Start Date:
First Time Offered
End Date:
Last Time Offered
45 90 45 45 60 30
30 45 30 45 60 15
(Not Required) EDF 6221           15 15   01/01/2020
EDF 6222   45             01/01/2019
EDF 6223             45   01/01/2020
EDF 6224             15 30 01/01/2020
EDF 6225     45           08/01/2019
EDF 6226           45     01/01/2020
EDF 6437         45       07/01/2020
EDF 6557 45               01/01/2020
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Leasha Barry (Director)
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