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Call for Papers:

Special Issue of The Behavior Analyst on Behavioral Economics in Consumer Behavior Analysis


In a post-industrial society, the primary economic activity is consumption, not production. Consumer behavior analysis draws on behavior analysis, behavioral ecology, behavioral economics, and marketing science to further understanding of all aspects of consumption (Foxall, 2001, 2002; Hantula & Wells, 2013). This special issue is intended to provide timely reviews of the research programs underway in this fast-growing subdiscipline and to showcase new developments and theoretical advances. Quantitative research reviews, meta-analyses, conceptual papers, and theoretical treatises are appropriate. Contributions are invited that employ the underlying intellectual frameworks and show how they combine to further consumer research. Papers that do not employ multiple perspectives are not likely to be reviewed positively.


This special issue seeks to publish papers that clearly make contact with diverse literatures and show how they inform, advance, and refine consumer behavior analysis. Submissions should especially demonstrate the contributions of operant behavioral economics (Foxall, 2015) to consumer psychology and marketing. The behavioral foundations of this research may be found in the following papers: Foxall, 2001; DiClemente & Hantula, 2003; Foxall, 2010; Hantula, 2012; Herrnstein, 1990; and Hursh, 1980, 1984. However, the scope of the special issue is wide (see The Routledge Companion to Consumer Behavior Analysis [Foxall, 2016] for an up-to-date indication of the range of possibilities).


Inquiries concerning possible submissions are encouraged and should be sent to the editor, by Gordon R. Foxall (Cardiff University), at


Papers should be approximately 20 manuscript pages (excluding tables, figures, and references) and conform to the requirements for submissions to The Behavior Analyst*. It is recommended that papers be professionally proofread prior to submission.


Papers should be submitted via the online manuscript submission system:


The closing date for submissions is December 31, 2016.


*Please indicate in your cover letter that the submission is for the special issue on behavioral economics in consumer behavior analysis.



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