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The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

Tiered Model Documents and Resources


Programs seeking recognition from the ABAI are required to complete the Tiered Model of Education application (online self-study report) and participate in the review process. All application materials are available for download. Program coordinators may begin to prepare their application (narratives and data) at any time. Additional resources for the application and review process are below.


The self-study report is a complete assessment of the program, led by program administrators with involvement from faculty, students and external stakeholders. The self-study application process provides an opportunity for the administration and faculty to examine the program in light of the standards and policies and to draft recommendations for its own action to improve the program and services for students. The self-study report (submitted via ABAI’s online application system) permits an opportunity, once in a recognition cycle, for the program to report on these assessment efforts and the current status of the program’s compliance maintaining its recognition status.


It is assumed that, with reasonable guidance about the kind of information needed, programs can decide how best to present their goals, objectives and the means by which these are achieved. Similarly, it is assumed that with adequate information from a program, ABAI can reach an informed, fair and reasonable decision about the program’s status with respect to recognition in one of the Tiers.


All programs, regardless of location, are evaluated according to the same standards with considerable flexibility as to specific course content and the manner in which research and practical training are handled, the structure of the program, and with regard for applicable laws, regulations, and cultural environments.


Recognition & Application

 These templates are also available in the online application system. 




Tools & Resources

    • Data Tables: This excel file may aid in the collection and organization of statistical data in preparation for application requirements. These data must be entered directly info the online application system.
    • Review Meeting - Planning and Guidelines: This document details information and preparation for the review meeting.
    • Review Meeting Preparation - Checklist for Program Coordinators
    • Annual Report Requirements: This document outlines the information and data required from recognized programs for the annual report.
    • Sample Syllabi: The Accreditation Board reviewed and published exemplary syllabi for some content areas. The purpose of this resource is to provide programs with examples that they reference rather than replicate.
      • Note: These sample syllabi are published in isolation and therefore the scope and type of curriculum must be considered while reviewing the contents. Duplicating one of these sample syllabi may not serve your program well and does not necessarily guarantee the other parts of the curriculum cover the necessary requirements. Some of these courses are presented in companion with other courses and content areas, offered as electives in addition to the required hours, or are intended to fulfill only some of the required content areas hours.
    • Syllabus Review: Programs transitioning to the Tiered Model standards may submit completed syllabi for review, prior to implementing it in the new curriculum and applying for recognition.


Recognition Policies




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