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50th Annual Convention; Philadelphia, PA; 2024

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Workshop #W29
CE Offered: BACB — 
Sexuality Issues as They Relate to Adults With Autism and Intellectual Disabilities: Facilitating Relationships and Sexuality in a Proactive and Inclusive Manner
Friday, May 24, 2024
8:00 AM–3:00 PM
Marriott Downtown, Level 4, Franklin Hall 4
Area: AUT/DDA; Domain: Applied Research
CE Instructor: John M. Guercio, Ph.D.
JOHN M. GUERCIO (Benchmark Human Services), VALERIA PASCALE (The Chicago School, ABA For Disability), CHIARA CESARO (Mind The Kids and Aba for disability)
Description: This training will cover the role that sexuality plays in the lives of all persons, including those with disabilities. The tendency that our society has on making this topic taboo for persons with autism and special needs will be detailed. An assessment and intervention program for teaching core relationship skills as well as treatment guidelines for the appropriate and safe use of social media will be covered in the context of addressing the myriad of issues that sexuality encompasses.
Learning Objectives: Participants will select between the different biases that are typically encountered when advocating for sexual expression in adults with autism and ID. Participants will identify the role that a comprehensive evaluation and assessment tool can have for the facilitation of appropriate sexual relationships in adults with autism and ID. Participants will match the specific elements that are required in order for appropriate sexual expression and sexual behavior to be facilitated by clinicians working with clients that wish to engage in sexual behavior. Participants will learn the importance of training people with the right knowledge and skills to make responsible choices about their sexual behaviors. Participant will learn how to discriminate the different level of the client’s understanding related to their private behavior and how to increase their quality of life.
Activities: Workshop objectives will be met through a balanced presentation of lecture, guided practice, video observation, and group discussion. Sample case simulations will be provided to apply what has been taught in the workshop.
Audience: Practitioners that work with the adult population that are currently faced with issues related to dating, appropriate social media usage and safe sexual expression. Attendees should be familiar with the ethical issues related to sexuality that are involved when working with these issues in the autism and intellectual disabilities populations. Attendees will also need to have some experience working with the adult population concerning these topics.
Content Area: Practice
Instruction Level: Intermediate
Keyword(s): Autism adults, Dating skills, Sexual deviance, Sexuality



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