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47th Annual Convention; Online; 2021

All times listed are Eastern time (GMT-4 at the time of the convention in May).

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Paper Session #300
CE Offered: BACB
The New Technology of Teaching: What We Can All Learn from B. F. Skinner
Sunday, May 30, 2021
5:00 PM–5:25 PM
Area: TBA
Instruction Level: Basic
Chair: Maeve G. Donnelly (Northeastern University)
CE Instructor: Maeve G. Donnelly, Ph.D.
The New Technology of Teaching: What We Can All Learn from B. F. Skinner
Domain: Theory
MAEVE G. DONNELLY (Northeastern University), Jillian Wilson (Regis College), Diana Parry-Cruwys (Regis College), Roseanne Lesack (Regis College), Jacquelyn M. MacDonald (Regis College)
Abstract: 1n 1968, B.F. Skinner published a collection of essays (The Technology of Teaching) describing an individualized approach to teaching based on the principles of learning that were revealed through experimentation. In these essays, Skinner discussed how teaching machines may enhance learning opportunities by providing immediate feedback and individually-paced instruction. Skinner continued to promote these ideas in additional essays throughout his lifetime. However, as he noted in a 1984 paper, the American educational system continued to follow traditional methods of instruction. Self-paced and computer-based instruction, although available, were largely experimental or supplementary. In the year 2020, traditional educational methods were suddenly rendered impracticable due to the cancellation of in-person instruction in classrooms around the world resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In this talk, we will describe how we translated in-person traditional graduate courses in behavior analysis (e.g., Behavior Assessment, Radical Behaviorism) to an online format, what we learned from doing so, and how we can move forward toward a new normal of incorporating our scientific understanding of learning principles into general education teaching practices. We will also discuss the sustainability of online teaching in terms of minimal footprint as well as how these empirically-based strategies might be used to reach diverse audiences across fields.
Target Audience:

This presentation is oriented toward BCBAs who provide training and supervision or instruction in behavior analysis.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the presentation, participants will be able to: (1) list behavior analytic teaching methodologies for graduate instruction and staff training; (2) describe online and hybrid teaching methodologies in terms of behavior analytic principles and concepts; (3) describe Skinner's teaching technology as the archetype for specific, effective modern teaching, and training technologies used across settings.



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