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47th Annual Convention; Online; 2021

All times listed are Eastern time (GMT-4 at the time of the convention in May).

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Panel #475
CE Offered: BACB
Diversity submission Parent Barrier Behaviors and Recommended Treatment Indications 2.0
Monday, May 31, 2021
5:00 PM–5:50 PM
Area: AUT/EDC; Domain: Service Delivery
CE Instructor: Cailin M Ockert, M.S.
Chair: Diana Davis Wilson (Aspen Behavioral Consulting; Arizona Association for Behavior Analysis)
DONALD M. STENHOFF (Arizona State University)

This discussion panel intends to further the discussion of our parent barrier checklist that aims to identify parent barrier behaviors and develop a treatment plan to improve behaviors and general ABA knowledge. Our 2019 ABAI panel was highly attended and we were contacted by so many attendees that we decided to improve our checklist and discuss some treatment outcomes that we have generated. In 2019, we developed a user-friendly checklist of parent barrier behaviors observed in an ABA clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, we have implemented use of the checklist across incoming families in order to screen for barrier behaviors that may need to be addressed using parent training as ABA services begin. These identified parent barrier behaviors have been hypothesized to impact treatment duration and ultimately impact the child’s long-term access to effective ABA intervention. This checklist was designed to identify what barrier behaviors may be exhibited by parents or caregivers, establish a threshold score to indicate a specific treatment focus, and a suggestion for high intensity parent training at the onset of ABA therapy and other treatment indications should be discussed. The goal is to focus on parent barrier behaviors and address them behavior analytically in order to increase duration of effective ABA services for the child. We aim to share and discuss the improved checklist and the outcomes of our parent training efforts when barrier behaviors are identified in families that are looking to begin ABA services.

Instruction Level: Basic
Target Audience:

BCBAs in clinical practice

Learning Objectives: (1) Use/apply the reviewed checklist (2) Make treatment recommendations for Parent Training based off of the checklist results (3) Gauge improvement in parent behaviors through parent training and evaluate impact on direct ABA services
Keyword(s): Parent Behavior, Parent Training



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