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The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

Culturo-Behavior Science for a Better World

Call for Posters



Submission Deadline: April 22, 2020

Accept/Reject Notification: May 6, 2020



All submissions should be made through the ABAI portal.  All submissions and presentations must be in English.


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Poster Presentation Limits

An individual may be a presenting author on no more than two poster submissions. Submissions made in excess of this limit will be rejected.


Commitment to Present

By making a submission, presenters commit to register for and attend the conference to present their posters.



Subject-matter experts and ABAI judges will award best posters based on the following criteria:
  • Relevance to significant cultural problems
  • Conceptual consistency of addressing cultural matters from a culturo-behavioral perspective
  • Research methodology (for experimental posters)
  • Display: format, readability, layout


Poster Submission Guidelines

Posters are physical displays of information, usually reporting empirical research. Submissions must demonstrate that the work to be reported has scientific merit and is well advanced. Data-based posters, which require a graph or chart of data, will receive preference.


Posters should be 3’10” (1,168 mm) by 3’10” (1,168 mm) to fit the provided poster boards.


Poster Title
Please use title case when entering the title, not all lowercase or all capital letters (e.g., Clinical Applications of Behavior Analysis: A Two-Part Study). Please limit titles to 15 words (200 characters). Please spell out all acronyms. No ending punctuation or quotation marks around the title are necessary.


Program Area
Select the most appropriate program area for your submission as the primary area:
  • Climate change
  • Community intervention
  • Conceptual issues in culturo-behavior science
  • Education
  • Government/policy making
  • Poverty and welfare policy
  • Public health
  • Research and training in culturo-behavior science
  • Social justice
  • Sustainability
  • Other


Submission Domain
Designate each submission as conceptual, experimental, or systems:
  • Conceptual: critical conceptual underpinnings for culturo-behavior science, such as clarifying units of analysis, comparing operant and other culturo-behavior units, and translating culture-related concepts from other disciplines.
  • Experimental: culturo-behavioral research being conducted that involves manipulation of independent variables to influence dependent variables, statistical analysis, and other experimental methodology.
  • Systems: analyses of complex cultural issues that involve multiple units and/or organizations, measures at multiple levels, and complicated interconnections, including examples from work with communities.


The abstract must follow American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines and be no fewer than 150 words or more than 200 words. Abstracts should begin with a sentence stating why the topic is important and end with the general conclusion, relevance, or potential impact. All acronyms must be spelled out at first mention.


Data-based submission abstracts
The abstract for a data-based presentation also must include: 1) an overview of the types of participants, 2) an overview of the types of procedures, and 3) a statement of what the data showed, with what degree of confidence.


Supporting Graph or Table
Data-based submissions must include a graphic or tabular summary of obtained data. Data-based submissions without a supporting graph or table will be rejected. The addition or correction of graphs and tables after the submission deadline will not be accepted. The data does not need to be complete at time of submission, but the abstract and graph/table must establish that the project is well under way. Graphs and tables submitted must be of professional quality and formatted according to APA Style. Attachments must be in a PDF file format and are limited to a single page. To avoid upload errors, limit your PDF file size to 1MB.


Submissions in the experimental domain must include data attachments.


Keywords or Phrases
Please submit up to four keywords (single words or two-word phrases) with each submission. Keywords should be as specific as possible (e.g., “reinforcement” or “autism” would be too general; "CPT," "insurance," or "telehealth" would be acceptable). Along with the domains, keywords will allow convention attendees to search for topics most relevant to them.


Funding (Optional)
Submissions must include a description of the type of funding received for this submission (e.g., NIH or other research grants).


Conflict of Interest Notice (Required)
Submissions must include a declaration and identification of any potential conflict of interest (e.g., commercial support interest for sponsors, instructors, content of instruction, or any other relationship that could reasonably be construed as a conflict of interest). Please answer "N/A" if no conflict of interest exists.


Author Information
A presenting author is required for every poster submission. Seven additional authors may be added, for a total of eight authors per submission.


You will be asked to add a presenting author by searching for a contact. You must provide a last name and full or partial email address.


If the contact you search for is not found, you can add a new contact. The following information is required:


  • Name
  • Affiliation (if including more than one affiliation, separate with a semi-colon [e.g., Affiliation One; Affiliation Two])
  • Valid email address (all correspondence will be sent to this address)
  • Country
  • Province/State
  • Citizenship


Please do not add a new contact if the displayed email or affiliation is out of date. After completing your submission, please contact ABAI ( with the submission ID number and the corrected information for your contact. This ensures that there will not be multiple contact records for the same person.


Data Assurance
Your completed submission is verification that you have permission to present the data and information in the submission. If submitting via email, type the following statement: “In making this submission, I affirm that the participants in this submission have been authorized to present the content and data and that the correct authors have been credited for the work presented.”


Approval Assurance
If submitting via email, type the following sentence: “In making this submission, I affirm that all procedures described in this presentation conformed to the internationally recognized standards set forth for research involving human or animal subjects.”


Presentation Assurance
Your submission is acceptance of responsibility. If your submission is accepted, you guarantee that the presenting author (and chair, discussant, or panelists, as appropriate) will have current ABAI membership status, register for and attend the convention, and deliver the presentation as scheduled by the Program Board. Presenters who fail to deliver an accepted and scheduled presentation will not be permitted to present the following year.


If submitting via email, type the following statement: “If my proposed presentation is accepted, I guarantee that the presenting author will register and attend the conference and deliver the presentation, as scheduled by the Program Board.”


Conduct Assurance
All presenters at ABAI events are expected to abide by ABAI’s Ethics and Diversity policies. Discriminatory and derogatory language with respect to individuals or groups based on their personal characteristics (e.g., race, gender) will not be tolerated in presentations at ABAI. If submitting via email, type the following statement: “All participants agree to abide by the ABAI Ethics and Diversity policies and will not use derogatory or discriminatory language.”


Photography Release
You acknowledge that while at the ABAI event, you may be photographed by an ABAI-approved photographer. By making a submission, you are granting the Association for Behavior Analysis International permission to use your likeness in photograph(s) in any and all of its publications and in any and all other media, whether now known or hereafter existing, controlled by the Association for Behavior Analysis International, in perpetuity, and for other use by the association. You will make no monetary or other claim against the Association for Behavior Analysis International for the use of the photograph(s).


Submission Confirmation
For each submission, each author listed will receive a confirmation email containing a submission ID number; said email serves as confirmation that the submission has been received and saved in the convention database. Please keep the submission ID number for your records to reference when communicating with the ABAI office. You may review the submission at any time by returning to the “Call for Submissions Entry” section of the portal. If you do not receive a submission confirmation email, do not resubmit. Please contact the ABAI office at


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