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The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

13th Annual Autism Conference

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Center for Autism and Related Disorders (Booth #1)



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Autism Learning Partners (Booth #2)



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CentralReach (Booth #209)



Please visit the exhibitors and sponsors in the exhibit hall to see how they can help you in your profession.


360 Behavioral Health
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #403
360 Behavioral Health is the new name for a family of providers that delivers exceptional care across the entire lifespan to individuals and families impacted by conditions that interfere with daily living. We embrace a comprehensive, coordinated care model with services including evaluation and diagnostics, infant development and early intervention, ABA-based therapies, adult services, speech/occupational/physical therapy, respite care, mental health care, and more.
Booth #305
Designed with behavior analysts in mind, ABAdesk promotes data-driven decision making by providing intuitive, mobile-friendly data collection and graphing software to clinicians and educators. It is comprehensive, HIPAA compliant, and user-friendly. With ABAdesk, you can stay under budget without compromising quality of care. Visit to learn more.
Booth #317
ABC Behavior provides in-home ABA services in Virginia, and offers administrative and clinical support to BCBAs who wish to start and operate their own practices.
Booth #208
The ABRITE Organization is a provider of behavioral services for learners throughout Northern and Southern California. A team of three doctorate level clinicians leads the organization, each with their own clinical expertise and research. Underlining all services is the philosophy that we are a company that does not measure our value by financial prosperity, but instead by the progress of the learners we serve.
AccuPoint, LLC
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #108
AccuPoint, LLC, is a full service practice management, billing, and data collection company for ABA providers throughout the US.
Booth #320
ACES is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families impacted with autism or other special needs. We provide ABA and comprehensive, professional services to maximize individuals' potential in the home, school, and community, throughout their lives. ACES opened its doors in 1996 and helps families throughout California, Washington, Hawaii, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Texas.
Booth #110
ACI Learning Centers’ six locations provide applied behavior analysis services with an emphasis on verbal behavior for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Our staff is able to encourage and take advantage of the constantly changing motivating operation in natural situations in our huge activity rooms. Learning opportunities are designed to focus on communication, play, leisure skills, and social engagement. Through collaboration, conducting research, and excellent service, ACI strives to be the premier behavioral consulting company for our clients.
Booth #201
Amvik Solutions specializes in streamlining operations for ABA service providers. Amvik's experienced team can assist providers with insurance credentialing/enrolment, insurance billing ad practice management. WebABA, our practice management software, allows providers to easily manage client authorizations, scheduling, billing, payroll, HR, timesheet submission, customizable reports, and so much more! Stop by our booth to consult with an experienced team member..
Anderson Center for Autism
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #303
Anderson Center for Autism (ACA) provides educational, residential, clinical, and support services to individuals on the autism spectrum, while optimizing their quality of life. ABA's core philosophy is that all people deserve a life of quality and ACA supports the individuals we serve in living the lives they choose. We are located in the Hudson Valley on a 100-acre campus approximately 2 hours north of New York City.
Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #202
The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia® is the premier, ABA educational software system for learners with autism. The ACE® includes a challenging behavior module, multiple assessments, data entry, and automated graphing features as well as more than 1,900 customizable programs. This all in one solution for autism education also includes a direct data entry app for your iOS devices. Designed by the world-renowned New England Center for Children® the ACE utilizes the principles of applied behavior analysis to help you ensure maximum progress.
Booth #118
Autism Intervention Professionals specializes in in-home, ABA-based therapy for individuals with autism. Our highly individualized program focuses on skills such as communication, social, self-help, and other skills required to live independently. Our team of highly trained clinicians focus on reducing and managing maladaptive behaviors that may impede an individual’s ability to live independently.
Autism Learning Partners
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #4
For close to 30 years, Autism Learning Partners (ALP) has served as a national leader in the field of developmental disabilities, serving as a full-service provider specializing in the treatment of autism and other developmental disabilities. Services are provided in California, Colorado, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Texas. ALP serves more than 2,800 clients yearly. Visit to learn more.
Booth #218
Becoming Independent (BI) helps people with developmental disabilities live meaningful and productive lives. We are a nonprofit community benefit organization serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano counties with a purpose to elevate human abilities for the mutual benefit of our community. At BI, we believe our pioneering model has and always will break barriers for people with disabilities. We believe in the power of authentic human connection, that beauty and potential exist in each of us, in the responsibility to be active citizens, and in standing for the rights of all people to have a life of dignity and fulfillment.
Behavior Care Specialists, Inc.
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #2
Behavior Care Specialists (BCS) offers several services including consultation, diagnostics, training, intensive ABA therapy, alternative school placements, and short-term residential services. In addition, BCS provides onsite supervision and training for those interested in pursuing additional certification offered through the BACB. BCS serves children in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wyoming.
Booth #204
Behavior Development Solutions provides training products, services, and tools for behavior analysts and technicians. Our data-driven CBA Learning Module Series is the premier BCBA/BCaBA exam prep resource and curriculum supplement. Our RBT Exam Prep course contributes to a deeper understanding of ABA while preparing for exam success. We also offer engaging online CE courses and a bookstore with over 150 titles tailored for professionals.
Behavior Frontiers, LLC
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #112
Behavior Frontiers offers solutions to help children with autism and other special needs reach their potential using our state-of-the-art ABA training and treatment programs. Our training program helps professionals and parents effectively use research-based ABA methods. Our treatment program is delivered by knowledgeable and highly-trained clinical staff members using accurate, results-driven methods to improve the quality of life for children and families.
Booth #318
Behavior University is an online training platform that provides university-quality education at an affordable price. Founded by two doctoral-level BCBAs with combined 18 years of experience in higher education, Behavior University specializes in affordable ($99) RBT training, as well as live and on-demand CEUs for BCBAs and BCaBAs (ACE provider # OP-16-2658).
Booth #319
Behavioral Innovations is committed to translating evidence-based practices for people with autism within a practical and encouraging learning environment. We are dedicated to transforming the lives of children, their families, and communities by providing the highest quality of services. Our vision is to become the #1 trusted resource by delivering the highest quality of service in the most ethically and socially way by eliminating boundaries for individuals with disabilities.
Booth #214
The Behavioral Intervention Certification Council (BICC) administers certification exams to promote standards of professional excellence and consumer safety in autism treatment. BICC’s board certified autism technician (BCAT) is the only NCCA-accredited, autism-specific, paraprofessional credential. BICC strives to make the BCAT the provider’s certification of choice, offering streamlined registration with paperless eligibility documents and an employer Credentialing Manager Portal to download BCAT certificates and purchase exam fee coupon codes.
Booth #215
Behavioral Intervention For Autism (BIA) is celebrating it's 26th year of providing innovative and individualized treatment for children diagnosed with autism in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno and Monterey. BIA provides center-based, home-based and social skills groups service platforms. Please check out our website at
Booth #114
Butterfly Effect's team of behavior analysts and behavior technicians provide ABA therapy services in homes, schools, and communities for clients on the autism spectrum. Butterfly Effects operates their flagship ABA Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Butterfly Effects creates a collaborative environment that promotes meaningful learning opportunities and experiences through individualized ABA therapy for clients and their circle of support.
Booth #210
The Center for Applied Behavior Analysis (CABA) provides evidenced-based behavioral health services to individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders of all ages. In partnership with local Regional Centers and insurance-based funding, CABA provides home and community-based support to individuals who demonstrate severely challenging problem behaviors. Please contact us directly for more information about our service and employment opportunities.
Booth #1
The Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) is among the world's largest and most experienced organizations effectively treating children with autism and related disorders. With U.S. and international reach, CARD touches the lives of hundreds of children and their families. Through a network of trained therapists, supervisors, and researchers we develop and implement quality, comprehensive, and personalized treatment programs that lead to success.
Booth #209
CentralReach is an all-in-one practice management software package. We offer HIPAA compliant messaging, unlimited document storage, data collection, integrated payor billing, and scheduling in a single, simple design. If you haven't seen a demonstration, come to our booth and see what your colleagues and peers are using. We are moving applied behavior analysis forward in simplicity and innovation.
Centria Healthcare
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #306
Centria Healthcare is a leading provider of home-based catastrophic injury and rehabilitation care, private duty nursing, supportive living services, and is the largest provider of applied behavior analysis therapy for children with autism across the state of Michigan.
Booth #313
CCBS focuses on skill development in children and youth utilizing the science of ABA and acceptance and commitment therapy. We are a family-oriented company dedicated to each individual client, family. and staff member. We pride ourselves in offering individualized attention not only to our clients, but to our staffs' professional development as well. We believe that when our staff are supported, educated, and motivated, our clients achieve the best outcomes through high quality programming and instruction.
Booth #302
CodeMetro offers practice management software insurance billing, consulting services, and administrative products and services dedicated to special needs providers. Every day, clinicians and their staff rely on CodeMetro and its services to increase efficiency and profitability and reduce overhead cost. For over a decade, CodeMetro has been advancing the therapy industry, serving as a purveyor of business necessities that foster growth and therapy quality.
East Bay ABA
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #304
East Bay ABA is in the San Francisco East Bay Area of California. We strive to be a premier provider and a premier employer of ABA services in Northern California and are dedicated to meeting the needs of children with behavioral challenges such as autism spectrum disorders and their families. We are accredited as a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, confirming our dedication to our clinical practice, our clients, and our staff.
Booth #312
Easter Seals Bay Area leads the way in ensuring children and families affected by disabilities can live, learn, work, and play to their full potential. Our mission is to expand the organization's impact throughout Northern California in the lives of children with disabilities and their families.
Easterseals Southern California
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #104
For nearly 100 years, Easterseals has been the indispensable resource for individuals and families facing disability by providing services that make positive differences in people’s lives every day. Easterseals Southern California provides a variety of services that are designed to help people live, learn, work, and play in their communities. Join us as at as we work to change the way the world defines and views disabilities so that everyone can achieve their personal goals.
EBS Healthcare
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #207
EBS Healthcare is committed to providing high-quality services and support for populations from birth to 21-years old in communities around the world. Our team is actively involved with associations at local, state, national, and international levels. As the global leader, we recognize our responsibility to share knowledge, advance the field, and support best practices. EBS Healthcare believes that exceptional service comes from clinicians who have a passion for helping others, outstanding training, and ongoing support. Our mission is to make a difference every day in every life we touch.
Booth #301
Do you want to assist in helping people learn new behaviors? Become a part of the solution in improving people's lives by becoming a behavior analyst. The Department of Continuing Education at Florida Tech can provide you with the necessary training conveniently and economically. We provide high quality online coursework for certification, as well as the continuing education courses needed to maintain that certification.
Booth #205
At Gateway Learning Group we cultivate learning, language, behavior, and social skills for individuals with autism and other special needs. Using the principles of applied behavior analysis, we design and implement an individualized program for each client based on his or her needs and interests.
GoalPoint Behavior Group
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #308
Milestones Behavior Group of Georgia, LLC provides ABA therapy and behavior analytic services to children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities in Alabama and Georgia. Milestones also offers ABA training to teachers and staff in the general and special education classroom settings. Our mission is to provide the most effective and ethical application of ABA, relying on empirical interventions and continuous data collection.
Booth #213
Huntington Insurance, Inc. has partnered with ABAI to offer member pricing on professional liability insurance. This protection is needed by all professionals to guard individuals and companies from attorneys’ errors, omissions, and lawsuits, and is separate from a standard general liability policy. An insurance policy is just the beginning; Huntington Insurance, Inc. agents take it a step further, passing along our knowledge of employee benefits and risk management to help you identify ways to lower risk. ABAI members receive a special discount. Stop by our booth for more information.
Booth #311
Intervention Center for Autism Needs (ICAN) ios located in the heart of silicone valley in Mountain View, CA. ICAN’s director and CEO is a PHD from the MIND Institute and a mother of two sons with mid-severe autism.
Booth #307 & 309
Autism Home Support Services is now part of Invo Healthcare! We are a leading provider of ethical, evidence-based behavior and therapy services. Our community of BCBAs, BCBA-Ds, and RBTs create measurable differences in children's overall development and long-term success. Our outcomes-focused, multi-disciplinary approach includes skill development, behavior shaping, and school consulting in home, center, community and school settings. Come grow with us!
Booth #102
May Institute is a nonprofit organization providing educational, rehabilitative, and behavioral healthcare services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental and intellectual disabilities, brain injury, and behavioral health needs.
Melmark Inc.
Premier Exhibit Sponsor
Booth #3
Melmark provides services to children and adults with autism spectrum disorders in a clinically proficient environment of warmth, care, and respect. Our goal is to help each individual served have a meaningful life and attain the highest possible level of personal growth and achievement. With our students and adults, we strive to teach functional vocational skills that will lead to a lifetime of meaningful employment after they graduate from our school program. Melmark is committed to working with families and referral sources from throughout the country and the world. We offer two distinct program sites: Melmark, Berwyn, PA and Melmark New England, Andover, MA.
Booth #212
The New England Center for Children (NECC®), is the global leader in providing effective, evidence-based educational services to children with autism, relying on the science of applied behavior analysis to help children with autism reach their greatest potential. NECC is also at the forefront of conducting research to further the understanding and treatment of autism and related disabilities. Since its founding in 1975, NECC has transformed the lives of children with autism worldwide through education, research, and technology. Through its education centers, partner classroom programs, consulting services, and state-of-the-art software system known as the Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia application, NECC serves over 3,000 children across the globe.
Booth #407
Since 2008, our mission has been to help healthcare providers spend their time focused on what's most important—their patients—and let us handle the rest. By leveraging over 50 ABA billing specialists, our goal is to empower ABA providers by delivering world-class revenue cycle optimization solutions, allowing for better management of traditional business operations within an ABA organization.
Booth #206
VirtualClinicPro and PortiaPro is a data collection and learning management software portfolio for behavior analysts, clinics, and school districts. Designed by behavior analysts, session data is captured on a mobile device (iPod, iPad, Android tablet). VirtualClinicPro is a turnkey solution: You can completely customize it around existing practices or something in between. The product provides fully customizable forms, programming, and curriculum—complete with full teaching procedures, individual and group sessions, team meetings, and more! Record prompt levels, task analysis, ABC data, activities, attendees, and so on. It can manage various permission access levels and allows integration with your account for HIPAA compliant document storage and sharing. Our Restful API can talk to your third-party insurance billing provider.
Booth #219
Positive Behavior Supports Corporation (PBS Corp.) is the premier provider in delivering in-home ABA services. Our staff works in dynamic family environments to develop behavior programs in real world settings that focus on improving quality of life. PBS Corp. provides a great team of leaders, peers, and direct support staff, along with many opportunities for professional growth, as our employees are encouraged and supported in achieving their career goals.
Booth #120
Get ahead with PrioraCare’s online, applied behavior analysis (ABA) training programs! Check out our training catalogue today to find trainings in RBT®, ABAT, BCAT, and specialized topics (e.g., HIPAA, child abuse & neglect, toilet training, school shadowing, etc.). We will be offering BACB® Type II CEUs, too! PrioraCare’s trainings promote effective learning with relevant, real-world examples, videos, hand-outs, quiz questions, signature forms, and more.
Booth #315
PsychPros, Inc. is a contingency search firm dedicated exclusively to the behavioral healthcare field. We have been providing recruiting and hiring services exclusively for the behavioral healthcare field since 1995. We place the clinical and executive level professionals into jobs throughout the United States. We take great care in making a good “corporate culture” match between our job candidates and the client company.
Booth #211
The Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis (QABA®) Credentialing Board® was established to meet the needs of individuals providing behavior health treatment. The QABA Credentialing Board® oversees the Applied Behavior Analysis Technician® (ABAT®) certification examination for entry level behavior technicians, which is accredited through the American National Standards Institute. The QABA Credentialing Board® offers a mid-level supervisor known as the Qualified Autism Services Practitioner® (QASP-S®) certification examination.
Booth #217
Quality Behavior Solutions, Inc. (QBS)—a leading national behavioral training company—offers Safety-Care™ Behavioral Safety Training. Much more than the typical “crisis prevention course,” Safety-Care is founded upon the principles and procedures of applied behavior analysis and positive behavioral interventions and supports. QBS trains staff in evidence-based practices toward the prevention, minimization, and management of behavioral challenges. QBS offers a variety of other behaviorally based training and consulting.
Booth #314
See Beneath, Inc. creates early developmental tools for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Our mission is to engage/educate children with ASD by providing and creating innovative tools that foster positive change and help children reach developmental milestones. See Beneath’s first tool, the Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism App is free to download and includes videos, games, and optional directions designed specifically for children with ASD.
Booth #216
At Simmons University, our behavior analysis programs prepare students for leadership roles in the implementation, evaluation, and administration of applied behavior analysis principles and methods. Our innovative curriculum emphasizes contemporary research and the fusion of behavior analysis with other scientific fields. We offer on-campus MS, Ed.S., and Ph.D. degree programs, as well as an online MS degree.
Booth #106
Skills® is a one-stop resource for creating and implementing comprehensive, tailored treatment plans for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). With wide-ranging assessment tools, customizable research-based lessons, and detailed progress tracking reports, Skills® allows clinicians, teachers and parents to apply scientifically-proven treatments and interventions, measure their effectiveness, and help children with ASD reach their fullest potential.
Booth #316
SyMed Corporation specializes in revenue cycle management for behavioral health agencies. SyMed’s dedicated team of expert billers and coders assist our clients in obtaining maximum reimbursement for their services by providing superior data analytics, performance quality measures, and contract negotiations allowing them to understand how payers perceive the quality of their services. Our goal is to provide the highest return on your claims without sacrificing services or patient support.
Booth #401
Theralytics is a robust, user-friendly and affordable practice management software application designed for ABA and other healthcare practices. We provide a HIPAA compliant platform for billing, scheduling, payroll, document storage, and business analysis reporting. We also offer custom software development options to create individualized practice management applications.
Booth #310
Therapy and Beyond provides intensive, 1:1 ABA and speech therapy for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities both in-home and in-clinic. Our individualized programs encourage family involvement and are designed on the principles of applied behavior analysis and Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior to focus on major areas of development including behavior, language, social, academic, and self-help.
Booth #409
Thread Learning is an innovative data collection, analysis, and coordinated care platform for educators, behavior analysts, and administrators. Thread saves time and money, while allowing educators to involve parents and drastically improve education for students! Thread Learning is powerfully built for the classroom setting, but simple to use for instructors of all skill levels. Try our free (or premium) app today!
Booth #405
Our mission is to support groups that perform therapy for autistic and learning-disabled children so that they can spend less time worrying about running their organizations. ABA and associated therapy is profoundly improving the lives of children with autism spectrum disorders and their families. We believe that therapists deserve the best software and services to enable them to work at peak performance and efficiency.
Booth #116
The mission of the University of Southern California Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis Program is to train students to become scientist-practitioners who are leaders in providing treatment that improves the quality of life for individuals with autism and other populations benefiting from behavioral services. The program is approved by the BACBâ„¢ and is based on classic behavioral knowledge, as well as cutting edge research.
Booth #203
The Office of Applied Behavior Analysis at University of West Florida provides BACB-approved online coursework for BCBA certification. We also offer a completely online master's degree in exceptional student education, which includes all BACB coursework. For those already certified, we offer mobile-friendly CEUs.
Booth #220
Zenith Centers for Autism and ADHD is a multidisciplinary group of about 150 providers specialized in children and teens with neurocognitive disorders. We're currently recruiting certified BCBAs to supervise our RBTs (remote work possible). We're also searching for RBTs and BCBAs for direct client work in South and Central Florida. We offer excellent compensation and benefits.
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