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The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

46th Annual Convention (Online)

General FAQs about the convention, CE, and registration can be found here.


Virtual Presentation Training and FAQ


Training Sessions


Panels, Symposia, Papers, and Invited Talks

Please review this training session with ABAI staff and a trainer from our virtual vendor for an introduction to how to use the presenter view to navigate your presentation, interact with attendees, and more. Our vendor has also created videos for speaker and moderator training and webcam best practices. We encourage you to review all videos prior to your presentation day.


Posters and Expo Posters

A recording of a training session for poster presenters and poster discussants is available here.


An exhibitor training can be found here.




What is the time zone for all sessions in program? 
All sessions in program are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). A time zone map is available here.



Can I screen share during my presentation? 
We strongly advise against extended screen sharing during your live presentation as it requires more bandwidth and could compromise the quality of your presentation. However, if you have a single updated slide or graph, it is possible to screen share briefly during your presentation. You may ask for a short demonstration of how to do this during your pre-call, or view the presenter orientation video.



Do I need to join the presentation pre-call if I submitted a pre-recorded presentation? 
All live presenters are expected to join their pre-call promptly 30 minutes prior to the start time of their session. If you submitted a pre-recorded presentation, you are only required to join the pre-call if you will be responding to live Q&A or engaging with audience through the chat box and/or webcam at the end of recording. Please see below for additional details for pre-recorded presenter roles. 



I have replaced a co-presenter on my submission, but I do not have my own URL link. 
Every presenter must join using a unique presenter link. Thus, you cannot share the same link with a co-presenter if you will both be participating live. However, if you replace an existing presenter, the unique URL can be forwarded to the new presenter. Please be sure to communicate any presenter changes with our team at as well. 



Are you able to use a cell phone to call the phone bridge? 
Yes, you may call into the phone bridge from a cell phone. Please make sure your phone is fully charged, ideally plugged in, as it will be in use for the entire pre-call and presentation. The phone will be muted for your presentation (so please be sure to locate the mute function on your phone in advance!), but it is your “life line” if you need to interact with ABAI staff or the webcasting engineer. 



Will the phone bridge and URL link be active before my pre-call? 
The phone bridge will not be accessible until 30 minutes prior to your scheduled session time. You may access your presenter link now to preview the slides (for live presenters) and familiarize yourself with the presenter controls. Please note that media and pre-recorded presentations will not be able to be viewed in Rehearsal Mode. 



When will presentations be made available “on demand”? 
All live and pre-recorded presentations will be made available “on demand” immediately following the session, until June 1. They can be accessed on the virtual convention platform and will be available for continuing education credits. 



What does the chair do?

The duties of the chair are the same for the virtual convention as for a live convention: introduce the speakers, make sure all presenters end on time, and facilitate any questions.



Can I be logged in to the convention on my computer and phone/tablet at the same time?
No. Each log in can only be active on one device/browser at once.


Presentation Day Tips


What to do 45 minutes before your start time: Setup for Presentation Pre-Call Meeting 

  • Make sure you have your webcam and microphone enabled
  • Ensure you have a clear, motionless background and minimize any noise or distractions in your environment 
  • Ensure you have reliable internet connection, disconnect VPN or other wi-fi activities that could reduce connection (close other applications on computer, turn off streaming on other devices, hardwire to internet or move closer to router) 
  • Plug in phone and computer to charge as you will be using both for your entire pre-call and presentation 


What to do 30 minutes before your start time: Enter the Presentation Pre-Call Meeting 

You must both call the phone bridge and click on your presenter URL link below.

  • Click on your unique presenter URL (located in your ABAI email titled: Detailed Instructions for ABAI Annual Convention Virtual Presentation). If you are replacing someone as presenter, you may use their link. 
  • Call into the phone bridge to connect with the ABAI staff and webcasting engineer assisting with your presentation. 
  • State your name clearly when you arrive in phone bridge and wait for further instructions to begin testing video and audio.
  • On this call, you will be in contact with a webcasting engineer, an ABAI staff member, and all of your co-presenters.
  • Please be mindful of background noise and mute your phone when not active.
  • Do not hang up your phone. Remain connected and muted during the entirety of the presentation (this is your lifeline for support).;


How to Participate in a Pre-Recorded Presentation 

Presenters who pre-recorded their presentation are not required to attend live, but it is encouraged to engage with your live audience via the chat feature and, if time permits, to join live via webcam and microphone after your pre-recorded presentation to answer questions. If you do not join the phone bridge and presenter URL 30-minutes prior to your presentation, it will be assumed that you are not joining to participate.


If you do join the phone bridge prior to your pre-recorded session, specify to the webcasting technician whether you would like to:

  • Only reply via typed chat to questions from audience during and after your presentation.
  • Would like to engage via webcam and microphone with your audience after your pre-recorded presentation is delivered.
    • Please plan in advance for the amount of time you will have available for live interactions after your pre-recording, as you cannot exceed the allotted session time
    • If multiple presenters join live, all may participate during the live discussion after the recorded presentation.
    • If your presentation is recorded, but your discussant will be joining live, please designate the chair or a co-presenter to assist as timekeeper during the live portion of the presentation to end on time. 


How to Prepare a “Run of Show” for Live Presentations

The chair of a live presentation should guide presenters in the “run of show” during the presentation preparation session. In this role, the chair should be prepared to assist the technician in gathering the following information from presenters:

  • The order and timing of presenters live on webcam/microphone during the session.
    • Symposium example:
      • Chair
      • Presenter 1 goes live when introduced by chair
      • Presenter 2 goes live on slide 20
      • Presenter 3 goes live on slide 40
      • Discussant goes live on final slide
    • Panel example:
      • Chair, video, and audio
      • Panelist 1, brief introduction
      • Panelist 2, brief introduction
      • Panelist 3, brief introduction
      • All 3 panelists simultaneously on camera and microphone to take questions from audience
  • The overall timing of the presentation
  • The chair should be keeping time during the presentation for all presenters.
  • The chair may use the presenter chat box to communicate with co-presenters about their remaining time. If they need to send a more urgent alert to a presenter, they may ask the webcasting engineer to send a full screen direct pop-up message to that presenter. Please review the presenter orientation video to see examples of these functions


Please note that only the webcasting engineer can move presenters from the “staging” area to the live webcam and microphone feed for the audience. It can be done quickly, but best to cue the technician by doing one of the following:

  • Specifying the slide on which to transition from one presenter to the next
  • Specify the order of presenters and provide a clear introduction with transition to the next presenter
  • During Q&A, it may be best to simply ask the technician to place all speakers on webcam/audio to allow quick and seamless responding between presenters. In this case, the chair should help to read the question and direct toward speakers
Modifed by Eddie Soh