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CE Scanner App Tutorial


ABAI is pleased to announce the release of a CE scanner app for iOS and Android devices. This new app allows you to scan in and out of CE sessions using your smartphone or camera-equipped tablet.



Important notes:

  • All requested information is required.
  • Your phone must be set to the local time and date so scans reflect the proper sessions; this is automatic for most devices.
  • You must scan in AND out of the sessions; if there is only one scan for a session, CE credit will not be conferred.


Download and open the CE app. Complete the short user profile form and select which type(s) of CE you need. (Not all sessions are approved for all CE types.)  Your ABAI member number can be found by logging in to your ABAI portal; it will also be printed on your badge. If you are not a member, your number will be printed on your badge.




After saving your information upon first use, you will be asked to allow the app to access your camera/take pictures. Click “OK” or "ALLOW" to do so. The app will not work without camera access.






Scan in and out of each session using the QR codes posted at the entrance and exit of each session. The QR codes will be on large signs located inside and outside each session room.






When your phone is connected to the internet, your scan history will be synced with the ABAI database, meaning CE certificates will be available for download much sooner than in previous years. A record of your scan history will also be saved in the app, and is viewable by clicking the “History” link. 




Once you have scanned in and out of a session, and completed payment for the CE package, CE certificates will be available for download in your ABAI portal.


Tips and Tricks


1. Do not put your phone too close to the QR Code. The entire code must be visible to the camera for the code to be scanned.


2. For best results, check-in and check-out of every session that you attend.


3. If you attend several back-to-back sessions in the same room, it is only necessary to check into the first session then out of the last session. You will get credit for all of the sessions in that room between your check in and your check out. You may, if you wish, check in and check out of each session.


4. Only check into each session once, and only check out of each session once. The scan history will show your check in and check out records as "IN" and "OUT."


5. If you accidentally check in or check out twice (or more) from the same session, the program will ignore the extra scans. It will use the earliest check in for a room as the check in and the latest check out as your session check out.


6. You can check in early to a session, as soon as you arrive at the room.


7. You can check out late from a session, if you get tied up and cannot make it within the normal check out window. It is far better to check out late than to not check out at all.


8. If you check in to a session, then change your mind and check into another session, then change your mind again and return to the original session, you must check in again to the original session.


9. The CE Scanner does not, at this time, give an estimate of CE hours attended.


10. Please make sure that you check out of the same room you checked into. If you are not sure please check your scan history before checking out.


Modifed by Eddie Soh