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Association for Behavior Analysis International

The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

45th Annual Convention

Call for Papers Handbook


Workshop Submission Guidelines


Workshops are educational sessions of three or six hours and usually involve the preparation of substantial training materials. Presenters limit enrollment and specify the academic level of participants. Participants are charged a materials fee (set by the instructor) and tuition, which is used in part to pay workshop presenters. Accepted workshops that fail to enroll any registrants may not be submitted for consideration the following convention year.


NEW FOR 2019


Workshops that address topics that are in high demand by convention attendees are encouraged. When reviewing workshop submissions, the Program Committee will give preference to workshops that:


  • address topics that have been in high demand at recent annual conventions,
  • clearly describe how they will provide supplementary materials (e.g., printed handouts, links to additional resources, sample data sheets, a copy of the presentation) to attendees, and
  • clearly describe how they will use best training practices during the workshop (including behavioral skills training).


Preference will also be given to presenters whose curriculum vitae demonstrate an established track record of training experience and/or research in the topic area of the proposed workshop.


ABAI prefers and requests that all submissions be made through the ABAI portal. The following information is required in order to make a complete submission:



Please use title case when entering the title (e.g., Clinical Applications of Behavior Analysis: A Two-Part Study), not all lowercase or all capital letters. Please limit titles to 15 words (200 characters). Please spell out all acronyms. No ending punctuation or quotation marks around the title are necessary.


Program Area

Select the most appropriate program area for your submission as the primary area; this information will help to avoid scheduling conflicts. A secondary area also may be selected as additional information.


Complete descriptions of the program areas can be found here.


AAB: Applied Animal Behavior
AUT: Autism
BPN: Behavioral Pharmacology and Neuroscience
CBM: Clinical/Family/Behavioral Medicine
CSS: Community, Social, and Sustainability Issues
DDA: Developmental Disabilities
DEV: Behavioral Development
EAB: Experimental Analysis of Behavior
EDC: Education
OBM: Organizational Behavior Management
PCH: Philosophical, Conceptual, and Historical Issues
TBA: Teaching Behavior Analysis
VRB: Verbal Behavior


NEW FOR 2019




AUT, CBM, DDA, EDC, and TBA submissions will be required to choose a pre-approved topic that most closely reflects the topic of your workshop. If your workshop does not fit any of these topics, choose “other” and provide a rationale for why the topic is critical to the science and/or practice of behavior analysis and why it is likely to be sought after by convention attendees.


Submissions in AAB, BPN, CSS, DEV, EAB, OBM, PCH, and VRB will not be required to select a topic or provide a rationale.


The approved topics for 2019 are:


  • AUT
    • adult services
    • challenging behavior
    • developmental considerations
    • early intervention
    • ethics
    • independent living skills
    • language/verbal behavior
    • parent/caregiver training
    • social/play skills
    • supervision
    • working in schools
  • CBM
    • behavioral relaxation
    • brain injury
    • emotional/behavioral disorders
    • ethics
    • psychiatric disorders
    • social skills
    • supervision
  • DDA
    • ethics
    • independent living skills
    • language/verbal behavior
    • sexuality
    • skill acquisition
    • social skills
    • supervision
  • EDC
    • challenging behavior
    • ethics
    • legal issues
    • precision teaching
    • social skills
    • supervision
  • TBA
    • ethics
    • professionalism
    • supervision


Submission Domain

Categorize each submission as basic research, applied research, service delivery, or theory, as defined here. Designating a domain for each submission allows conference attendees to make informed decisions about which presentations to attend.


Instruction Level

Please provide the anticipated instruction level for your presentation.

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


Audience Size Anticipated

Providing this estimate will assist the Program Committee in scheduling your presentation in a room of suitable capacity.

  • 1-25
  • 26-50
  • 51-75
  • 76-100
  • 101-200
  • 200+



Please include up to four keywords (single words or two-word phrases) with each submission. Keywords should be as specific as possible (e.g., "reinforcement" or "autism" would be too general; "CPT," "insurance," or "telehealth" would be acceptable). Along with the domains, keywords will allow conference attendees to search for topics most relevant to them.


Funding and Conflict of Interest


Funding (Optional)

Submissions must include a description of the type of funding received for this submission (e.g., NIH or other research grants).


Conflict of Interest Notice (Required)

Submissions must include a declaration and identification of any potential conflict of interest (e.g., commercial support interest for sponsors, instructors, content of instruction, or any other relationship that could reasonably be construed as a conflict of interest). Please answer "N/A" if no conflict of interest exists.


Maximum Attendance

Please indicate the maximum number of registrants that ABAI should accept for your workshop.


Scheduling and Duration

Workshops should be 3 hours or 6 hours only. If you are offering multiple workshops that must be taken in a certain order, please email with the submission ID of the workshops affected and the order in which they should be scheduled.


Workshop Level

Basic workshops are appropriate for BCaBAs.
Intermediate workshops are appropriate for junior BCBAs.
Advanced workshops are appropriate for BCBAs and BCBA-Ds


Material Fee

Indicate the cost to you per attendee for materials provided at the workshop, such as worksheets or other handouts. Material fees should be kept to a minimum–and may be 0.00–so that the cost of the workshop is not prohibitive. Workshop presenters must not require that attendees purchase software, books, or other materials in order to attend the workshop, nor may fees be added for preparation time or consulting. Fees that include such costs will be adjusted by ABAI to remove those costs. ABAI will add a tuition fee to any material fee. Please enter US currency value without the dollar sign (e.g., 15.00; no “$”).


Workshop Description

The workshop description should be 200 words or fewer and must indicate for attendees that workshop content will include statements that describe the accuracy and utility of the materials presented, the basis of such statements, the limitations of the content being taught, and the most severe and most common risks, as well as demonstrate that content is based on methodological, theoretical, research, or practice knowledge. This requirement may be met by detailing as part of the description at least one of the following:


  • Content has obtained credibility, as demonstrated by the involvement of the broader practice, education, and science communities in studying or applying the findings, procedures, practices, or theoretical concepts.
  • Content has been studied according to established procedures of scientific scrutiny that can be reasonably relied upon.
  • Content has peer reviewed, published support beyond those publications and other types of communications devoted primarily to the promotion of the approach.
  • Content is related to ethical, legal, statutory, or regulatory policies, guidelines, and standards.


The description must disclose commercial support for the workshop or instructor(s) as well as any other relationship that could be reasonably construed as a conflict of interest.


Content Area

  • Practice
  • Theory
  • Methodology


Learning Objectives

Learning objectives should clearly define what the participant will know or will be able to do as a result of attending your presentation. Objectives must be observable and measurable and should focus on the learner. Please review the guidelines for learning objectives. Learning objectives should take the following format (note that verbs such as “understand” or “comprehend” are difficult to measure and should be avoided):


At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to: (1) __________; (2) ___________; and (3) __________.


Workshop Activities

Sample workshop activities might be:

  • Instructional strategies include: lecture, discussion, small group breakout, and targeted reading.
  • Workshop objectives will be met through a balanced presentation of lecture, guided practice, video observation, and group discussion. Core content will be taught through lecture and video demonstrations of strategies will be provided. Supplemental materials for identifying language and learning barriers will be provided in order to support participant learning.
  • The format combines lecture, small group activities, guided practice, and frequency building exercises.


Target Audience

The chosen workshop level (basic, intermediate, advanced) should inform your choice of target audience. Submissions with a target audience of undergraduates or parents are not appropriate.


Presenting Author(s)

A presenting author (instructor) is required for every submission. Seven additional presenting authors may be added, for a total of eight presenting authors per workshop. A detailed explanation of all roles can be found here.


You will be asked to add an individual by searching for a contact. You must provide a last name and full or partial email address.


If the contact you search for is not found, you can add a new contact. The following information is required:

  • Name
  • Affiliation (if including more than one affiliation, separate with a semi-colon [e.g., Affiliation One; Affiliation Two])
  • Valid email address (all correspondence will be sent to this address)
  • Country
  • Province/State
  • Citizenship


Please do not add a new contact if the displayed email or affiliation is out of date. After completing your submission, please contact ABAI ( with the submission ID number and the corrected information for your contact. This ensures that there will not be multiple contact records for the same person.



Continuing Education

All workshops must be considered for CE, and may be considered for BACB, PSY , QABA, and NASP CE. The following information is required for the submission to be considered for CE credit.


Continuing Education Information (Optional)

If you wish, your submission may be considered for BACB, NASP, and/or QABA continuing education credit. The following information is required for the submission to be considered for CE credit.


CE Type

Please select which type(s) of CE this event will offer:

  • BACB
  • NASP
  • QABA


Event Information

Please provide the following information about your submission.

  • This submission covers behavior analysis:
    • Practice
    • Theory
    • Methodology
  • This submission covers content related to:
    • Ethics (please provide a rationale)
    • Supervision (please provide a rationale)
    • Neither
  • Target audience
  • Learning objectives (a minimum of three is required)


Instructor Information

The CE instructor must be prepared to either directly give instruction or actively supervise the instruction when multiple presenters are involved. Provide the following information for the participant serving as CE instructor:

  • Name of prospective CE Instructor
  • Instructor’s Terminal Degree (e.g., Ph.D., M.S.)
  • Instructor’s Credentials (BCBA, BCBA-D, Other)
    • If "other," under what guidelines does the instructor qualify?
      • Holds a doctorate and meets either the coursework or college teaching option for fulfilling BCBA eligibility requirements.
      • Has completed all requirements for a doctorate except the dissertation, meets the coursework option for BCBA eligibility, and has completed graduate coursework or has published research in the subject matter on which Type 2 CE instruction is provided.
  • Brief Curriculum Vitae (CV) of CE Instructor (if the instructor is not a BCBA, the CV must demonstrate how the BACB requirements have been fulfilled)
  • Attestation of Experiential Training (By requesting this submission be reviewed for CE, you are attesting that the CE instructor and any co-instructors have completed substantial formal or experiential training in the subject matter of this submission.)


Recommend a Book/Indicate Interest in an Author Signing (Optional)

If you would like to recommend a book for the ABAI bookstore, please provide the following:

  • Title
  • Authors as they appear in the book
  • Publisher
  • Year of publication
  • Publisher/distributor contact
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
  • Track/area


If you would like to participate in an author signing event, please answer the following question:

  • If you are an author on the above text, would you like to participate in an author signing?
    • No
    • Yes


Assurances, Photography Release, Confirmation of Submission Received


Data Assurance (Required)

Your completed submission is verification that you have permission to present the data and information in the submission. If submitting via email, type the following statement: "In making this submission, I affirm that the presenters in this event have been authorized to present the content and data and that the correct authors have been credited for the work presented."


Presentation Assurance (Required)

Your submission is acceptance of responsibility. If your submission is accepted, you guarantee that the presenting author (and chair, discussant, or panelist, as appropriate) will have current ABAI membership status, register for and attend the convention and deliver the presentation, as scheduled by the Program Board. Please note: Presenters who fail to deliver an accepted and scheduled presentation will not be permitted to present the following year. If submitting via email, type the following statement: "If my proposed presentation is accepted, I guarantee that the presenting author will register and attend the conference and deliver the presentation, as scheduled by the Program Board."


Conduct Assurance (Required)

All presenters at ABAI events are expected to abide by ABAI’s Ethics and Diversity policies. Discriminatory and derogatory language will not be tolerated in presentations at ABAI events.


Photography Release (Required)

You acknowledge that while at the ABAI event, you may be photographed by an ABAI-approved photographer. By making a submission, you are granting the Association for Behavior Analysis International permission to use your likeness in photograph(s) in any and all of its publications and in any and all other media, whether now known or hereafter existing, controlled by the Association for Behavior Analysis International, in perpetuity, and for other use by the association. You will make no monetary or other claim against the Association for Behavior Analysis International for the use of the photograph(s).


Submission Confirmation

For each submission, each author listed will receive a confirmation email containing a submission ID number; said email serves as confirmation that the submission has been received and saved in the convention database. Please keep the submission ID number for your records to reference when communicating with the ABAI office. You may review the submission at any time by returning to the "Call for Papers Entry" section of the portal. If you do not receive a submission confirmation email, do not resubmit. Please contact the ABAI office at


Workshop Facilitation

In addition to presenting, the main presenter will be responsible for collecting workshop tickets (to ensure only paid registrants enter the workshop) and having registrants interested in continuing education credit sign in and out of the session.


Workshop Cancellation Policy

Please note that workshops with fewer than five registrants at the close of the pre-registration period will be canceled unless presenters commit, in writing, to conducting the workshop at the date and time scheduled.


If your workshop has fewer than five registrants as of May 1, 2019, you will be contacted and asked if you wish to conduct your workshop. ABAI will not cancel workshops on site. Workshops with fewer than five registrants that are canceled for low enrollment will not be accepted for the 2020 convention.


Workshop Payment Formula

Payment is calculated based on the number of workshop tickets returned to ABAI at the conclusion of the workshop. The formula is as follows:


  • Six-hour workshop with 5 or more registrants: $360 + (# of registrants × $material fee) + ((# of registrants - 5) × (20% of workshop tuition))
  • Six-hour workshop with fewer than 5 registrants: # of registrants × $material fee
  • Three-hour workshop with 5 or more registrants: $195 + (# of registrants × $material fee) + ((# of registrants - 5) × (20% of workshop tuition))
  • Three-hour workshop with fewer than 5 registrants: # of registrants × $material fee


Below is an example using a 6 hour workshop with 13 registrants and $20 material fee:


Base rate (registrants 1-5) $360
Additional tuition (registrants 6-13) $304
Material fee (registrants 1-13) $260
Total $924
Modifed by Eddie Soh