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The Science of Sleep and Daily Rhythms: How Sleep Habits and the Timing of Behaviors Affect Your Daily Life and Wellbeing


Andrew McHill (Oregon Health & Science University)


Date: March 16, 2021


Abstract: Humans spend over a third of their lives asleep, yet millions of individuals obtain an insufficient amount of sleep on a daily basis. Moreover, with the invention of electrical lighting, humans have the ability to work and be awake late into the night when our internal body clocks are promoting sleep and inactivity. We are just now beginning to understand reasons why we need to sleep and both the long and short-term consequences of not getting enough sleep and doing wakefulness behaviors (i.e., activity, eating, etc.) at inappropriate biological times. This webinar will focus on several reasons why we need to sleep and perform activities at certain times of the day, common daily activities that unknowingly (or knowingly) disrupt our sleep and daily rhythms, and the consequences to both your personal and professional life of when you don’t get enough sleep and are awake at night.


Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the presentation, participants will be able to: (1) identify current thoughts in the field as to why sleep and daily rhythms are important; (2) recognize consequences of insufficient sleep and mistimed behaviors; (3) identify and plan for strategies to improve sleep.


Mc Hill AndrewBiography: Dr. Andrew McHill is a Research Assistant Professor within the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences at Oregon Health & Science University. He received his PhD at the University of Colorado Boulder and completed his post-doctoral fellowship training at Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His current research is interested in understanding why insufficient sleep and being awake during the night lead to poorer health and impaired cognitive performance. He has published numerous scholarly articles pertaining to how modern technology influences the human biological clock and how metabolism changes when calories are consumed at night. He has presented his data at numerous national conferences and his work has been highlighted in many major news outlets (TIME, BBC, NPR, NY Times, etc.).




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