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Robert S. Siegler

Seigler Rob

Carnegie Mellon University


Robert Siegler is Teresa Heinz Professor of Cognitive Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University. He has been at Carnegie Mellon since receiving his PhD in 1974 from SUNY at Stony Brook. In the ensuing years, he has written 9 books, edited 5 others, and authored more than 200 articles, monographs, and book chapters. The books and articles have focused on children's reasoning and problem solving, particularly in scientific and mathematical domains. Among the books he has written are How Children Discover New Strategies (1989, with Eric Jenkins, Erlbaum), How Children Develop: 3rd Edition (Siegler, DeLoache, and Eisenberg, 2010, Worth Publishers), and Children’s Thinking: 4th Edition (Siegler & Alibali, 2005, Prentice Hall). His book, Emerging Minds, was chosen one of the "Best Psychology Books of 1996" by the Association of American Publishers. His books have been translated into French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Greek. He also has served as associate editor of the journal Developmental Psychology and co-edited the 2006 Handbook of Child Psychology: Vol. 2: Cognition, Perception, and Language along with Deanna Kuhn.

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