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Category: Learning Center Videos

Can Drugs Help Us Understand Cognitive and Executive Functions? (Soto, P. L., Chair) Presentation plus 1 BACB/PSY CE credit.

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Deficits in cognitive and executive functioning occur with aging and exposure to toxicants and are common across a number of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. The neurobiological systems involved in the behavioral processes commonly referred to as memory, executive function, and impulsivity are the subject of intensive research both from a basic science standpoint and for those interested in the development of pharmacotherapeutics. Pharmacological analyses may provide clues regarding the neurobiological systems involved in these processes and are necessary for the development of pharmacotherapeutics. The following symposium will highlight studies on the effects of drugs on behavioral processes referred to as memory, executive function, and impulsivity. Chris Newland will present data on the effects of calcium channel blockers in an incremental repeated acquisition procedure. Suzanne Mitchell will present data on the effects of dopamine D2 receptor antagonists in a variety of discounting procedures. Mark Galizio will present data on putative cognitive enhances in titrating delayed-matching-to-sample (DMTS) and memory span procedures. Paul Soto will present data on alpha5-selective GABAA inverse agonists in a DMTS procedure. These studies will highlight the involvement of multiple neurotransmitter systems in cognitive and executive functions and interactions between those systems and behavioral variables.


Review Paul Soto’s biographical statement.


Galizio, M. Incrementing Non-Match-to-Sample: Drug Effects in an Animal Memory Span Task 

Review Mark Galizio’s biographical statement.


Mitchell, S. H. The Value of Work: Role of Dopamine in Effort Discounting 

Review Suzanne H. Mitchell’s biographical statement.


Bailey, J. M. & Newland, M. C. Differential Effects on Learning by Four Calcium Channel Antagonists

Review Jordan Bailey’s biographical statement.

Review Chris Newland’s biographical statement.


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